Digital information and communication technologies are transforming the ways we interact with information, each other, and the world. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and mixed reality, the Internet of Things, and other new and emerging technologies raise fundamental and new questions about what we can know, what we may hope for, what we should do, and what it means to be human. But the speed with which we are creating and adopting new technologies has left little time for critical reflection. This blog explores the nature of our current technological age and the theological questions it raises, touching on theological principles, cultural critiques, and spiritual practices that can help us integrate emerging technologies into our lives well and wisely.


Bruce Baker is Associate Professor of Business Ethics at Seattle Pacific University. Former tech entrepreneur, ex-Microsoft, and Ph.D. in theology.

Mike Langford is Associate Professor of Theology, Discipleship, and Ministry at Seattle Pacific University

Michael Paulus is Dean of the Library, Assistant Provost for Educational Technology, and Director and Associate Professor of Information Studies at Seattle Pacific University