Live Here ~ A Poem

Live Here ~ A Poem July 31, 2015

Each day, a new sadness

Each hour, a new piece of evidence

That the World can’t be trusted

No one can be trusted

It’s apique assiete heart most effective poison to kill a culture:

A lack of faith in each other

We turn away from our neighbors

And sink further into our homes

Our tiny or huge screens


And no connection


When I write from here

It’s like being sick for so long that

There is nothing left inside me but acid

My body is exhausted from trying to be rid of it

But none of it is fit to share


And YETdawn and quito

We have 6 goats now

Including a doe and her 2 tiny kids

Who kick up their heels

And run up walls

Because their life-force is too big to be contained in stillness

We have turkeys

Including 5 huge toms who fluff their feathers

To impress the ladies

Who remain unimpressed

We have Kin who call us to Circle

Where we laugh no matter how broken everything is

Because it will never not be thus


Holding off joy until healing happens

Is an untenable plan


It’s not dichotomy

It’s not even a continuum

Just a massive, writhing mess of










What remains true is this:

In these bodies, we are Adventurers,

Pioneers in this singular time of Earth-life.

The hiccups, false starts, breakdowns,

Are each a perfection of being and expression.

We live here

We may as well Live here.





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