Some Imbolc Advice from One of My Mothers

Some Imbolc Advice from One of My Mothers January 30, 2020

It’s time to write about Imbolc and I can’t do it.

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

I cannot write. I am stuck as hell. It’s like pulling freaking teeth to get these simple words on the page. I don’t trust myself, my process, my words. I don’t trust my inspiration to pour down from Heaven like Mana; even the tiniest trickle seems impossible to access. I don’t have time for this. I have shit to do.

This too is God Herself. 

F**k that. I’m angry. Every day a new outrage, more outrageous than the last. Every minute: more pain, more abuse of people and power, more ignorance.

This too is God Herself. 

Did you not hear me? I said, F**K THAT. I’m not here for gods of discrimination, hatred, shame, and tyranny. I’m not here to uplift that bullshit. I am furious.

This too is God Herself. 

Okay. Explain yourself before I go mad.Photo by jana müller on Unsplash

There is nothing that is not of God, no part of you, no part of the worlds. Long ago, the Universe was born and every thing flew out from the center to combine in new and gorgeous and grotesque ways. Every thing continues to do so, coming apart and coming together, from the smallest particle to the greatest immensity, all is in flux. If you capture a particular moment in time and space, you will certainly see many actions and activities which are anathema to you. Death is rarely anyone’s friend. And yet, it all IS. Not for any particular purpose, not to teach you any specific lesson, but it IS. The question is not how to make everything be okay right now. The question is how do you participate in this great cycle? 

In every moment, there are infinite choices and changes happening. Some you are aware of: your elegant mind thinks and plans, your animal soul offers input, the starry crown of your divinity shines with compassion and courage and curiosity. And around you, others are doing the same. When your individual reach is too short to affect greater events, how do you expand your influence? How do you combine with others to create something greater than your self, more powerful?

All things are moving; everything is changing. What you need to know is only this: What is your part? What must you do? 

Sit. Think on it. Pray on it. Let all of you have a say. Fight. Cry. Embrace. Recognize your limitations and your advantages. Cook. Sing. 



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