A Beltane Bodice-Ripper

If you don’t like romance-ish writing, homestead priestesses, and horny gods, just get right on outta here now. Cuz it’s about to get spicy… [Read more…]

Cleansing and Centering in Our Own Self-Fire

One of my favorite techniques for cleansing and getting centered in our own sweet selves is the Soul-Fire/Self-Fire meditation… [Read more…]

A Spring Spell to Cut & Clear and Find Peace and Healing

Stuck obsessing over people or situations that you know you need to let go of? This is a very powerful spell to free yourself from those unhealthy attachments and step with new vigor into what is next for you! [Read more…]

The Secret Country of Yourself

Have you had spiritual or fantastic experiences that do not fit any particular tradition? Are your inner journeys never quite what you or others expect? Me, too. So much so, in fact, that I’m writing a book about it: The Secret Country of Yourself. [Read more…]

The Ritual of the Deep Well and the Great Heart

At Con this year, we presented a Ritual of the Deep Well and the Great Heart. This is a great introduction to the DW-GH practices, which you can do with your Coven, your housemates, your cat, or just yourself :) Have at!
[Read more…]

Ch-Ch-Changes ~ The Sermon from the Ole Time Goodspell Feri Pagan Tent Revival!

The Ole Time Goodspell Feri Pagan Tent Revival did a tribute to the Prophet David Bowie at this year’s Pantheacon. Here’s the sermon from that ritual. [Read more…]

Oh, Pantheacon, My Best Friend and Worst Enemy

It is very difficult for me to have my attention split in several directions. A need for this, that, the other thing, taxes me greatly.

So that’s why I submitted three different proposals to Pantheacon for consideration, 2 of them things I’d never done before and 1 which is always super intense and demanding.

But then they accepted all three of the proposals. And I said, “Oh, yes, thank you! I’d love to!” [Read more…]

The (Hopefully) Intelligent Bowie Post

A lot of stuff has been said about the David Bowie/Lori Maddox situation. Here’s my take. [Read more…]

Turn and Face the Strange ~ RIP David Bowie

RIP David Bowie [Read more…]

The Lady’s Labors~Winter Solstice at the Pagan Homestead

The Lady speaks: “It is so quiet now, and cold. My Love has gone forth from me, deep within me, and the children I have nursed at my breast are grown. I feel the spirits of the dead move within my belly…and I can almost hear the song of greeting they sing to my Dearest Love as He passes among them. He carries messages from Me, and from those still living: you are not forgotten…” [Read more…]