Joy is our birthright.  I believe this.  As cells in the body of God (or organisms in the ecosystem of Gaia) we get to be healthy and whole, whatever that means in our particular case.  We are precious, every one of us. Joy generally includes some feeling of happiness or contentment; in its highest expression, it is Grace, that sense of all-is-right-with-the-world, imperfect and broken as it is and we are.   It can be activated by physical sensation:  opening… Read more

At this lovely time of year, I like to use this transformational ritual as a way to center myself within desired change. Now y’all know I love to write about (and experience!) the Elemental powers, so this ritual uses those connections as a deep reminder that we are truly one with them, kith and kin. It was originally designed to be used as a self-led welcoming and intention-setting for folks just arriving to a retreat. The prayer/poems were on the… Read more

Last weekend, I got to do one of my favorite things at one of my favorite places: teaching a Pagan retreat and only an hour away from home! Earth Matters Retreat Center is a gorgeous, off-grid, 100+ acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There’s a wood-fired hot tub, multiple sacred fire circles, teepees, a beautifully appointed guest house with dorm style beds, and so much more. To top it off, the owners of the land really consider themselves to be… Read more

We change. How can our writings in any particular moment capture all that is possible, probable, potential? It is disconcerting to write what you think. It is disconcerting to write what you want people to know you think. Revelations chapter 1-infinity. I am revealed. Read more

For some, the gods are as real as we are, with fully developed personalities and desire and will of their own. Read more

What does it mean to trust oneself to the Holy Powers of the Elements? Life and Death and Life returning (hopefully). Read more

What happens in that particular time in the Autumn when the King’s year and a day reign is over? How do they offer themselves? And who is left behind? Read more

There is one god who comes before all the others: your own Godself Read more

May we be empowered in this turning. May we shine like the stars we are. May the brilliance of each of us, sparkling in the constellations we form together, be a guide to those who seek freedom and safety. Read more

The Secret Country of Yourself~It’s a bright bonfire on a full moon night. It’s a meadow shining with Spring’s first sunrise. I just made it up and so will you. All of these are true. Read more

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