Blogspot service domain blocked in Pakistan!

Blogspot service domain blocked in Pakistan! March 4, 2006

Its not just the technology for nukes that Pakistan has taken from China – now they have started blocking websites as well.. not just one or two.. but the ENTIRE blogspot domain – which is for the most popular blogging service – Google’s! Here are some discussion on a Pak tech forum called KO.

On checking, blogspot is currently blocked from Pakistan. Blogspot itself is running fine and dandy, as can be checked by accessing it through a proxy server based outside Pakistan. The block seems to be at the DNS level only – typing the IP address of blogger takes you there directly:

For workarounds, see:
HOWTO bypass Internet Censorship, Anonymouse and TOR.

Any knowledgable in the Pakistani telecoms/isp industry know how exactly the Pakistani govt. censors the internet? Such information would be really helpful in writing an article about it (for publication in local magazine/newspaper).

Correction: The block is not just at the DNS level, it’s also blocking IP addresses.

Update: The block is at the ISP level. Not all internet traffic is routed through the Pakistan Internet Exchange, so the govt. must have ordered local ISP’s to block certain websites. All the major ISP’s in Pakistan are blocking weblogs hosted at

And why did they do this? here is a lowdown from Teethmaestro on desicritics:

The mess started on the 27th of February when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued instructions to all ISP to block all websites displaying the controversial cartoon images of Prophet Muhammad.

Hence from the 28th of February the regulatory body barred access to a number of sites and it sadly included a few domains being hosted on the blogspot domains, rather then blocking the select few websites it seems they placed a universal block on all sub-domains causing a number of bloggers to be banned from their own site for no apparent reason whatsoever.

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