Billions in Aid to Pakistan was diverted against India: US Officials

Billions in Aid to Pakistan was diverted against India: US Officials December 25, 2007

There are reasons why I call the American administrations dealing with Pakistan blind. Indians knew the reality behind the “alliance” between US and Pakistan when Pakistan got into it! We all knew that the money – in billions – that they were going to get would end up in weapons that would be aimed at us. For, to fight with Al Qaeda, Pakistan did NOT need any weapons. They just needed to “tighten” those idiots. Pakistan’s top brass had their main organization in their hands firmly and tightly! And this is a verity that no one can argue with me on! IN fact, Musharraf had made this claim unabashedly from a Chinese Hotel to his Lieutenant at the height of the Kargil War.

Now, the US Administrations acknowledge that the money given to Pak, in fact has made its way to fighting India as opposed to fighting Al Qaeda! As if the Americans will learn….

In interviews in Islamabad and Washington, Bush administration and military officials said they believed that much of the American money was not making its way to frontline Pakistani units. Money has been diverted to help finance weapons systems designed to counter India, not Al Qaeda or the Taliban, the officials said, adding that the United States has paid tens of millions of dollars in inflated Pakistani reimbursement claims for fuel, ammunition and other costs.


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