Linking Email to Social Media

Linking Email to Social Media January 23, 2011

emaillinksocial.jpegPrevious to this post, we discussed how students can be some of your best recruiters due to the influence of social media. Today, we are going to discuss the connection between email and social media tools. The communication framework in CRM software applications is, perhaps, the most robust and powerful functionality. Email used for marketing to prospective and current students/customers has always been very effective; however, with any channel of communication, you must first have a good student/customer base to manage.

Now, enter into the email mix the concept of social media. The first thought that strikes the majority of us: it is one and the same since email communication too occurs over the web. The simple truth, though, is that email and social media are located at opposite ends of the spectrum. While email targets a set audience, social media brings together communities, or groups, bound together by a social e-platform such as Facebook.

In order to bridge email and social media, there are applications that allow you to share some marketing campaigns (e.g. newsletters) on Facebook. This works by providing sign up links or icons on your Facebook pages for newsletters, magazines, or blogs. Once students/customers subscribe, you can market directly to that audience using the email application.

Overall, this links your email and social media, which turns out to be a very powerful combination to build and manage relationships with your students/customers. CRM applications are now moving towards defining new ways to seamlessly integrate email with social media tools, so we can continue building a strong student/customer base.

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