Audacity of the Corrupt: Mulayam’s question to Anna

Audacity of the Corrupt: Mulayam’s question to Anna January 25, 2012

The entire movement of Team Anna was built on the sentiment of commen men and women wearing “I Am Anna” on their head. That meant what Anna was asking of the political class, every Indian who supported him, also wanted to ask.

So to treat Anna’s ask in his campaign as just the talk of 4 or 5 people, is foolish! The very success of the grassroots campaign is evidence of that. For the politicians to behave that somehow Anna and his Team are on their own and out of touch with people’s voice is nonsense. In fact, NO ONE since Gandhi has been able to arouse Indians in such large numbers as much as Anna has done. Whether you like him, agree with him or not, but you have to give this to him.

Now, Mulayam Singh Yadav has asked the question – Who are you to question us (corrupt politicians) which is a slap on every Indian’s face and it comes in rhetoric that makes it look as if Yadav – and by extension, other politicians – are somehow more of people’s voice than the PEOPLE themselves. Impromptu backing of Team Anna is a far better indicator than a poll victory built on the back of liquor bottles, vote bank politics (as Salman Rushdie’s episode), and money distribution!

So its a nice try but frankly Mulayam Singh Yadav has insulted me and many others who are just not happy with the country’s politicians and the corruption!

“Who are you to question us? As a political entity, the SP is answerable only to the people; not to some self-proclaimed organisation of five members who themselves are not entirely clean,” Mr. Yadav said in his three-page-long letter released here.

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