Special Investigation Team Report acquits Modi of any Wrong Doing

Special Investigation Team Report acquits Modi of any Wrong Doing February 10, 2012

SIT Chief RK Raghavan

69 people, including Ehsan Jafri – a former Congress MP – were killed in Gulbarga society on February 28, 2002.  This came a day after 59 children, women and men on a train coming from Ayodhya were burnt alive by a Muslim mob in Godhra.

Congress MP Ehsan Jafri’s widow Zakia Jafri, filed a petition in Supreme Court against Narendra Modi and 62 top Government officials holding them accused in the riot in Gulbarga Society on February 28, 2012.

Zakia Jafri had asked the Supreme Court that a probe be carried out by a Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by former CBI Chief RK Raghavan into her allegations against Modi and others.

The Supreme Court in September 2011 had refused to pass any order against Modi in the 2002 riots.  Instead, it asked the case be taken to trial court and that the court may proceed in the case based on the report from the SIT.

Now, the SIT has come back and filed its final report before the local court on Feb 8, 2012 (Wednesday).  It has said it that has not found any evidence of chief minister aiding and abetting the riots.

Some of the important points:

1. Ehsan Jafri never called Modi: One of the allegations of Jafri case was that the former MP called Modi and he refused to take action.  The SIT led by Raghavan has found no evidence to substantiate the claim of Jafri.

2. Sanjiv Bhatt not “reliable witness”: A lot has been made of this ex-cop, who doesn’t really have much of a Resume to write home about.  Raghavan stated in the report that Bhatt was not a reliable witness and was not given much due even in the Supreme Court last year.  Court had not taken cognisance of Bhatt’s affidavit.  Also senior officials – former DGP K Chakravarthy and former additional chief secretary (home) Ashoka Narain – have denied Bhatt was present in the meeting based on which he made up his entire story!

There is a long list of falsehoods against Modi – apart from the ones that SIT had called out in its report.

What is to be seen is when does Congress and others get off their horses of using whatever comes their way to get Modi and let him do something useful for the country.  He has done tremendous work for Gujarat against all odds.  In fact, Gujarat is miles ahead of the rest of the country in many ways.  And factually speaking, there haven’t been any riots in the state except for the one in 2002.  A record, which is far better than any previous Government.  Definitely better than Congress or Communist Government anywhere.

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