Pakistan’s youth wants Shariah not democracy as Imran Khan rises

Pakistan’s youth wants Shariah not democracy as Imran Khan rises April 3, 2013

There is a tremendous upsurge in Pakistan in the recent days for Imran Khan and his party – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), just before the national elections.  Although there have been issues, but PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) have been working on seat adjustments for the elections.  JI is known to be strong Islamicist organization.

As Imran Khan – seemingly modern but strongly Islamicist and supporter of conservative Islam (see the videos below where he supports Taliban style Shariah rule in Pakistan) – gains ascendency, we also learn about a change in Pakistani society that should not surprise many.

In a survey, it came out that 38% Pakistanis now believe that Shariah implementation is the right way to go for Pakistan.  32% want Army to come back and 92%  think it is the wrong direction for Pakistan, while only 29% favor democracy any more.

Around 38 percent said Islamic law, or Shariah, is better suited for Pakistan — a reflection of the deeply held religious views of many young people in the majority Muslim country, the report said.

Military rule also came out ahead of democracy, with 32 percent support, despite the turbulent history of the army toppling civilian governments in coups. The survey found that the army enjoys much higher levels of support among people, 77 percent, than the civilian government, 14 percent.

Pakistan is clearly moving towards a Talibanized form of governance.  People call Imran Khan’s rise recently as a Tsunami.  It very well might be.  His coming to the fore and probably to power may unleash a Tsunami, not just for Pakistan and the region around, but for the world.  One that we may have never seen before.  Taliban is bad enough.. but Taliban with a suave ambassador and Nukes to use is more than any country’s military can handle.

Imran Khan’s support for Shariah


Imran Khan supports Taliban and Shariah


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