Love Jihad in India and Europe – Its Historical and Empirical context and Denial by vested Interests

Love Jihad in India and Europe – Its Historical and Empirical context and Denial by vested Interests August 31, 2014

In the recent months, Yogi Adityanath has become the target of many in India, who value political correctness over facts.  With his no more than less than half a dozen speeches, he has ruffled the feathers of Indian Secularism so badly that the media – without Dispassionately and independently weighting his assertions – is keen to pronounce him a devil.  In fact the rhetoric of Indian media is so sharp that it almost seems that one cannot even present a view or opinion contrary to the prevalent one.  Leave alone factually and scientifically analyze it.  It is in this scenario I want to look at the central arguments of Yogi Adityanath and see what is the truth and how to rationally look at the arguments presented by him.

His main statement was in the Indian Parliament.  The speech which “started it all”.

In this speech he discussed a few points:

  • Bias for Muslim community in the garb of Secularism
  • “Secular Parties” shielding and releasing the Rioting Criminals who are Muslims – from Assam to UP to Mumbai’s Azad Maidan Violence
  • Difference between Exclusive ideology of Islam vs Inclusive paradigm of Hinduim / Sanatan Dharma

He has later discussed the scourge of Love Jihad in his discussions with people.

In another Aap ki Adalat program, he has discussed the Love Jihad issue and also how the riots have been started by Muslims in a predominant way in India.  Also that a certain percentage of Muslim population equates to a certain level of religious violence.

Now, let us look at the broad issues he is talking about:

  1. Love Jihad by Muslim youth
  2. Sheltering and promoting Riot Criminals by “Secular” Parties in India
  3. Link between Muslim population and Rioting

In this part, we will discuss on Love Jihad and see what it is and what is the context that this is being discussed.  We will see how a practiced and deliberate furtherance of denial has become an agenda of Islamism by the so-called Secularists in Europe and India.  In this crime against women, curiously Leftists are the bed-fellows of the Islamists.

Love Jihad

What is Love Jihad? – Wikipedia describes Love Jihad as “also called Romeo Jihad, is an alleged activity under which young Muslim boys and men reportedly target young girls belonging to non-Muslim communities for conversion to Islam by feigning love.”

The concept of Love Jihad had started in UK specifically and Europe in general, specifically by Pakistani Muslim youth where they targeted White, Sikh and Hindu women using different “techniques”.  The technique of using emotional appeal in converting people is a “best practice” that has been perfected by the Christian sects in different geographies over the years and has been documented by The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion as well.

oxford handbook of religious conversion

Over the years, this manner of targeting of the local population using the appeal of “Love” has been called “Love Bombing” and “Flirty Fishing”.  Love Bombing uses “Feigned love” to target vulnerable teenagers who have a need for emotional dependence to create unquestioning loyalty.  It has been discussed thus:

The phrase can be used in different ways. Critics of cults and churches use the phrase with the implication that the “love” is feigned by cults and churches and that the practice is manipulative of vulnerable individuals, particularly teenagers and young adults, who may have been emotionally rejected by partners, parents, siblings, peers or who have other developmental problems and that love bombing is also utilized by the leadership of cults and churches to both silence internal dissent and further control members within group settings by directing the withholding attention and affection from individuals within the group.[1]

Members of the Unification Church (who reportedly coined the expression) use or have used it themselves to convey a genuine expression of friendship, fellowship, interest, or concern projected toward potential and new recruits. It has also been used to refer toabusers in romantic relationships showering their victims with praise, gifts, and affection in the early stages of a relationship.[2]

Feigned Affection for forced allegiance to a cult – a Conversion “Best Practice”

As is obvious – the practice of using love romeos to target vulnerable women to convert them and gather allegiance to a cult group – used and perfected by Christian sects for years – has been an empirical “Best Practice” for long.

This technique – hit upon by the Pakistani Muslim youth in UK and Europe – has been transported into the Islamic groups with ease and maximum effectiveness.  This manner of conversion has been used to bolster the ranks of Jehadi “assets”, which can penetrate the Western society and institutions without any detection after proper level of brainwashing has occurred with the victims.

Documented cases of “Gangs” unleashing Love Jehad in Europe

When one looks at the progressive use and perfection of the erstwhile technique of “Love Bombing” to create resources and assets for Jihadi activities of Muslim terrorists, one finds that before this scourge hit the Indian shores, it has already been firmly implemented in Europe.  Look at the following documented cases of how Pakistani gangs have exploited girls in Europe over the last few decades.

The number of the victims have been in thousands!!  And the perpetrators have been Muslims (Pakistanis almost always) in 100% of the cases!

The Recent High Profile cases of Love Jihad

Here are two recent rather high profile cases of Love Jihad.  First one to hit the National Headlines has been that of the National level shooter – Tara Shahdeo.

The second one, which broke out today is of a national level Table Tennis player who was forcibly detained by the family of a Muslim guy.  They converted her forcibly, changed her name and religion and got her married to the boy.

Pakistan, Terror, and Love Jihad

The use of Love Bombing by Pakistani youth in West, specifically Europe had an obvious objective – the transformation of Europe to a society with higher and higher Muslim population.  The fact that almost 100% of the youth involved in this campaign were from Pakistan, question does arise if someone was actually behind the whole work?  Otherwise how can random people hit upon this idea just to push up the Muslim population and fanaticism as well as create useful Terror assets in Europe?

The suspicion goes on Pakistan’s ISI – the Intelligence agency, which may be recruiting and then infiltrating European countries using the Asylum pleas and then launching the “Love Bombing” or “Love Jihad” campaign.

In the August 31st issue in 2012 of Malayalam Manorama, an extensive report discussed how the Pakistan based terror groups are now furthering Love Jihad as a means to create Terror Assets in India as well.

The August 31 issue of a Malayalam newspaper Malayala Manorama, carried an extensive report on how a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation is planning, abetting and financing the enticing of college girls from different communities to become cannon fodder for its programmes in India. The report terms such girls ‘Love Bombs’.

The modus operandi is clever. Muslim boys in Kerala are employed by the terror organisations to entice college girls. Handsome and dashing boys are selected and financed to have cars, motorbikes, most expensive clothing and a lot of cash. Their job is to move in groups, select their prey and then entice it to elope with them on the promise of marriage and a great life abroad.

After days of pretended love making, the girls easily begin to believe that they have got their ‘Prince Charming’. Once they elope, a marriage is registered before a notary and then the girl is whisked from place to place. The victim begins to believe that she has to undergo this to evade her parents who would be searching for her.

Hideouts include places that have a heavy Muslim concentration. No outside contact is allowed to the victim. All the time she is subject to propaganda videos that eulogise terrorism, jihad and the ultimate victory of the religion. Though the racket had been going on for quite some years and several complaints of missing girls were lodged with Kerala Police, the latter ignored it saying that the girls had eloped and they could not do anything.

Whether one looks at the issue of Love Bombing or Flirty Fishing or Love Jihad, a conversion and “asset creating” technique used by Cults historically and now usurped and customized by Muslim groups – most notably backed and managed by Pakistan’s ISI – one realizes that there is a substantial body of cases that suggest a Coordinated, Deliberate, Well-financed strategy by Muslim youth in multiple geographies.  The strategy clearly involves using Love Jihad as a way to

  1. Bring about conversions to Islam in local population by stealth and deceit
  2. Use the new converted assets for penetrating difficult targets in furtherance of Islamic Jihad.

Plausible Deniability through Obfuscation by Paid/Illiterate Media and Bought Politicians / NGOs

To successfully use a covert strategy for Guerilla warfare – Terrorism is clearly one – without alarming the victim population, use of Plausible Deniability has often been used.  However, to create the veil of Deniability, it is important to do this in a secret and covert manner.

In case of Love Jihad, both, in Europe and India, therefore, it is unlikely that such techniques are openly discussed in the Mosques.  Chances are that they may be discussed in close quarters of known adherents of the cult and the Mosque but directed by some other force from behind.

That force, given the origin of the whole operations in Europe and India, seems to be Terror groups funded, backed and managed by Pakistan’s ISI.

Because of its secrecy, as maintained by an external agency, it is difficult to pin point its “fountainhead” in any society.  By obscuring it with the concept of “Love”, it is easy to take the high road and cry foul when someone actually discusses this.  Which is exactly where the Indian “Secular” media comes in.

It is now no longer possible to discuss the scourge of Love Jihad in a proper analytical way!  It is obfuscated by – First, questioning and ridiculing the very argument that such a technique exists, despite enough historical and empirical evidence in Conversion literature and how it has been used in Europe by Pakistani youth.  And, Second, by dismissing those who argue against it in the mainstream politics as “Right Wing Haters”.

The aversion to even discuss this issue in a serious manner with facts from around the world is so striking in the Indian media that it baffles one no end.  The Indian anchors, through their rhetoric, make Love Jihad as a concerted/deliberate/coordinated strategy against Indian society look like a possibility far less likely than UFOs visiting Varanasi!  Despite the overwhelming evidence – if one were to look at it seriously setting aside the mind-blowing condescension!!

Polarizing India via Condescension of the Secular!

We have discussed in detail on how Love Jihad is a reality.  In Europe and in India.  To brush aside, worse ridicule the victims and their plight by denying the basis of the very crime when it committed, given the numbers and the vicious intent, does the following:


  • Creates a feeling of alienation and mistrust of the media and the activists who shout “Secularism” but promote Islamism in its garb, amongst the majority population
  • In absence of proper action and widespread action by Muslim community internally – while maintaining and feigning denial – the affected community members sense a Moral Betrayal that makes them more likely to take matters in their own hands as opposed to it having been treated as a law and order situation!
  • Reverse strategy furthered in the affected community as a ploy to “get back” at the truant and criminals-backing community.


We are seeing, and will see more of all these three ramifications snowball out of control, if the so-called Secularism forwarding chest thumping self congratulating activists/NGOs/Politicians and Media people do not get their act together.  This is not a warning .. this is an obvious reading of the whole situation given how all these “Seculars” have chosen to play with fire feigning ignorance despite evidence to the contrary!
























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  • Archana Kapoor

    Very well articulated, the article brings out the entire story at a glance! It’s time we took cognizance of this issue and did something about it… else!! …

  • Jeff

    Considering all that has been revealed in England in recent weeks, the fact that the BBC still uses the term ‘Asian’ while refusing to even mention the word ‘Muslim’ just reinforces the truth of this article.
    I don’t think it’s as bad in America, but that’s not because liberals aren’t trying. Former President Jimmy Carter just recently spoke at an Islamic rally filled with jihadist supporters.

  • Zohrab

    Certain mindset of the writer can be seen in between the lines of this one-sided write-up, at least in the case of India.
    The recent case history of Police regarding girls’ eloping in various North Indian cities shows that it is mostly Muslim girls fled with Hindu boys. There was an anti-Muslims rhetoric based on love-jihad in the south Indian state of Kerala, that was celebrated by the mainstream media, as usual, including the Malayala Manorama daily. The media quoted statistics of girls missing due to organized love-jihad by Muslims. Later the source of the new discovered by the UP (Provincial) Police as the website of an off-shoot of the ultra-nationalist Hindu organization – RSS. The webmaster was arrested and their office shut down for baseless propaganda and hatemongering. The twist in this celebrated story was buried in small box news in inner pages. Not fortuitous and really gratuitous!
    Muslim youths are being acquitted from many infamous terrorism related incidents in absence of evidence, after squandering prime time of their life behind bars without bail. Fabricated Police shoot-out murder cases’ news are coming out.
    The writer must have examined all aspects of the prevalent situation.

    • Actually I see your mindset to be Islamist 🙂 So there you go.

      I don’t know if there is a law to prosecute a website for quoting statistics that may not be correct. What is happening in UP is pandering to Islamists by the Government for Vote Bank politics. The terrorists who have been let off by the Government have been done in contravention of the charges against them.

      There are far too many cases coming out now and will do so in the coming days with more women opening up. When one victim comes out the others get the courage to tell their story as well. And that is bound to test the limits of your ability to provide spin to those stories and UP Government’s ability to pander to vote bank politics. The sheltering of the crimes can go on for only so long now.

      • Zohrab

        That’s the usual response from Saffrons. Alleging extremity, blabber endlessly when there is nothing to answer. The latest case, the strayed girl was arrested where the Maulana from the Madrassa turned out to be innocent. She concocted the story as a cover up to her wayward deeds. Still the Kavi people did not back off from their allegations and in another incident, some boys were beaten on false accusation of teasing. They are hospitalized now. Even if you try to spin the real stories truth will come out, you cannot stop that. Let’s wait and see.

        • india

          u muslims live in denial of your own …if you have any problems with hindus ,sikhs,etc in India. Then why don’t you people leave for pakistan.We believe you have got your land in 1947..u were the responsible for partition, and also please don’t pretend to be seculars , all people living in this country knows who are responsible for jaipur blasts, ahmedbad blasts,kashmiri hindus and sikhs killings..mumbai attacks and many more terrorist activities in last two decades.. leave this place in the name of your almighty allah.. so that people can live peacefully…

          • Zohrab

            Where are you living now? The truth comes out one by one. Explosions are all have one benchmark, the Saffron style. Court verdicts, NIA reports of fake-encounters etc. etc. All fabricated?!! You are living in an Utopia of a Hindutva Utopia. No escape. Totally brainwashed by Saffron and the media. I feel sorry for you for not being able to use your intellect to assess the situation independently.

          • Actually the way I see it, you do have a rather anti-Hindu mindset and that is why you flare up at even a color. 🙂 Go get a life.

            The evidence is out there.. and Al-Taqqiya style obfuscation won’t work anymore in this world of free information.

          • Zohrab

            The following paragraph may be useful to get an understanding how media depicts Muslims and Islam.

            “Clichéd views of Islam and the “Islamic threat” proliferate in serious journalism and popular entertainment, despite patient and determined scholarly efforts to dispel them. In The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality? (3rd ed. 1999), John Esposito documented, in expert and accessible terms, the
            vast diversity in politics, cultural expressions, traditions, and historical realities of the world’s Muslims. In The Failure of Political Islam (1994), Olivier Roy described the failure of political Islam to win over the great majority of Muslims. In Covering Islam: How the Media and the
            Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World (Vintage ed. 1997), Edward Said discussed the ways in which some of the more crass stereotypes of Muslims have come to dominate World media coverage of the Middle East and the Arabs. In the first section of the book, “Islam as News,” Said considers how, mainly, westerners rely on the news media for their knowledge of Islam and Muslims. In consequence, information is limited to
            subjects deemed newsworthy, such as oil crises and terrorist attacks. Further, the limited information westerners get from the news media is filtered through industry experts as well as certain govts. The result is a distorted view of Islam in which questions of local concerns and experiences are simply not asked.”

          • I will deal with the so-called distorted view of Islam and Muslims (as a group) in the next blog post. But nice try. After all the terrorists have succeeded for so long due to the innumerable apologists that come in educated garbs. Oh well.

          • Zohrab

            Good News for you. Please read from this link:


            FOI: The love jihad also included.

            Afterall ultra-nationalist terrorists are more successful in India than any other groups due to the deep-state support.

          • I see the ultra-evangelists getting all worked up after over a millenium of forced conversions by sword. 🙂 If the so-called Secular parties can provide state support for Muslim conversions and increase in population via illegal entry of Bangladeshis, then do you really have a locus standii?

            Either you believe in Love Jihad or you dont. If you believe in Love Jihad then the one by Muslims for last over a decade has to be dinged real hard. Since you CHOSE not to even acknowledge something like Love Jihad.. why decry if some Hindu youths go around marrying Muslim women?

            You cant take the shelter of the roof that YOU yourself have demolished. isn’t it?

            So stop this hypocritical nonsense and decide what you want to say and do. Just say “I am Islamist Supremacist and I can’t take this heat.” The days of shenanigans are over dude.

          • Zohrab

            It will go endless. So there is no point in continuing this. You are taking advance bail on everything actually I should have told you in the first place. You know what I believe in: “Killing an innocent is equal to killing the whole mankind” (Holy Quran); (Allah Almighty told Prophet Mohammed) “You are just a plain warner, you cannot proselytize anybody, so do your duty”. Hence I don’t believe in forceful conversion or killing infidels as they are just not Muslims.
            What I quoted mostly are from prominent non-Muslims, unlike you justifying yourselves. There is another side of all you mentioned in your post that you conveniently forgot. I feel pity that you don’t understand these things dude.

          • Zohrab

            I am posting this link of a CNN report for you to reflect, especially in the wake of the Muzafffarnagar love-jihad victim’s complaint and disclosure to the local police against her greedy parents and local hatemongering BJP brass :
            In the hope that it could lead you to comeout of the self-made bigotry.

        • “That’s the usual response from Saffrons” Sure, just as your reaction is a usual one from the Jihadis. Its time you stop Ad hominem attack and stick to the subject and substantive issues!!

          Not sure where you get your news from, but in this case no Maulana has been found to be innocent or the lady to be wayward.

          I think it is better you stop blaming the victim and using incidents of political patronage as an evidence of innocence.

          • Zohrab

            The above link is just an eg., for you. Ample materials available online. But I won’t advise you to search, it’s useless. As you agree, you are looking everything through a certain ‘Drishtikone’ you are unable to see the subject as a whole as there are other valid drishtikones available. You can read all the available news and then again deny the actual developments. Go ahead. Best of luck.

          • Well you are right. There is ample material and the alibis of the rape accused is also false. (

            However, given that the Meerut police and administration there of SP are trying to help the Muslim accused – including letting off the terrorists – the argument by some that the evidence may have been tampered in Madrasa is also plausible. Samajwadi Party is very much a Muslim apologist outfit, so although you are quick to ding the “Sangh Parivad” – which is pretty diverse group of people, you completely pass over the role of so-called Secular parties in siding especially with the criminal elements of the Muslim population.

            As for Love Jihad – it is a concept and a practice which is FAR WIDER than just one case or one country, as was explained in the article. Its precedence goes back to over 2500 women being cheated into a relationship and then used as terror assets.

            You can twist and spin it, but that won’t help anyone in anyway.


    It’s good that some one is making stand against this issue. You don’t have to be politically correct if it’s damaging to society and certain groups of individuals. I live in UK and only few miles away from where most of these cases have happened and I know that its all by Muslim youths. I don’t know what is their true agenda is in all this, but what ever it is, is not the right and therefore I am glad that police and social services are now falling on this issue like ton of bricks to bring them to justice.

    They weren’t only doing this to older girls but they were also doing this to under aged girls as well. The only cases which were investigated by police were the one which involved taking advantage of under aged girls. The only other complaints which were taken seriously were of victims who’s age was 18+ who were raped and were held against their will. If you look at all the cases that involved in this situation, where all of their victims were in their TEEN (under 20) and were from disadvantage back ground.

    What I don’t understand about all this is, why are all the young Muslim boys who were involved in these sort of crime are still given support by their community, unless the very same community who also is involved in the same agenda and this is acceptable by them as well.

  • Kalelemulla ibn MohamedAli

    ISLAM is what the Koran and our Prophet Mohamed say. MUSLIM is one who obeys Koran and Prophet Mohamed only. A Muslim becomes a NON MUSLIM who does not obey Koran and Prophet Mohamed. ISLAM IS NOT what a Muslim does for his personal gains, Any Muslim no matter who does such an act is misusing ISLAM to shield his motives.

    LOVE is halal for Muslim couple only after Islamic wedding. Love is Haram before marriage even even for a Muslim couple. BEWARE of interpretations.