The Utter Nonsense of Secularism

The Utter Nonsense of Secularism July 26, 2013

Secularism is called the panacea for all the problems that religion has created.  Religion, as defined by the Abrahamic dispensations.  Religion, that is no more than a belief system predicated on following.  Someone’s edicts and utterings.

If believing something that you have not experienced is sealed by an emphasis on faith without experience, then to uphold this faith and belief one needs to resort to fanaticism.  For, how do you assert the primacy of that, which you have not known.  For, it takes either Childish munificence or utter ignorance to assert the existence and longevity of a Santa Claus.  We have never met him.  No one has.  The guy who is supposed to have first talked about him, has himself not met him.  But there is a belief to be upheld.  And, upheld it will be through blind assertion.

When blind assertions collide, conflict and violence are a natural consequence.  For, blind assertions beget Exclusivity.  Otherwise, how do you even believe in something that you aren’t sure about?  I am right, and therefore, you are wrong.  My assertion, blind as it is, survives.. barely.   And through fanaticism, it will be made to thrive as well.

What happened in India in the name of God was something remarkable.  From Samkhya yoga treatises to Advaita articulations, from Vasistha to Krishna to Ramana – God’s primacy was denied for Spiritual seeker as a starting point.  Samkhya looks at world as two instincts – Survival (Purush) and Flowering (Prakriti).  No God.  In the state of Advaita, all is One.  Either everything is God, or none is.

If one attained to the highest possibility than a human system is capable of delivering one to, whatever you experienced was so huge.. so complete.. so enormous… so Superlative; that you called it the Highest Existence.  God?  Possibly.  Meaningless, as the word is, it wasn’t important much.  In any case, its primacy over mundane existence wasn’t the aim of articulation.  Its Superlative nature defined the articulation.

Superlative, the Highest – or God to Abrahamics – wasn’t the starting point.  Wasn’t the a priori assumption.  For, if you started with a predisposition, you could hallucinate yourself to it anyhow.  Important was the seeking.  The search.  Not the finality.  It could take years, decades, centuries or many lives.

Seeking has been the highest virtue of Dharmic Spiritual journey, not Faith!

Seeking opens the possibility of experience.  Faith coupled with Belief closes all ways.  If it is used as a ploy.  If it is the Faith of a Hopeless lover sans any discrimination, it could be quite another thing.  But then you were a complete misfit in the society.  You were a Devotee.

Secularism of the West: Blind yourself to Believers’ Fanaticism

Secularism came as a reaction to the crises of Exclusive Belief systems, which beget Conflict.  So West, in a bid to fight Religious Fanaticism – a product of Exclusivity – propounded Blindness as the way out.  If the society were to be – at least for Social Contract purposes – be blind to conflicting beliefs; conflict could be managed.  Not resolved, mind you.

Constantly, the specter of Fire was available.  It was just being managed and avoided.  Until it would catch up.

If you are the only Exclusivist, then maybe you can save yourself from yourself.  But if your existence has created other Exclusivist clones, then God (whatever that creature is) save the planet and humanity!  And, that is where we are now.  Secularism is a joke.  One aggressive Exclusivist – Jehadi – is tearing apart the fabric of blindness (Secularism) constructed by another Exclusivist, a smarter yet principled one.

For an Exclusivist, whose God is a matter of Faith and not experience, can only save himself with a fig leaf of blindness as long as there isn’t another one like him around.  More exclusivist and more aggressive.

Secularism of India: Not Secularism at all

When the Indian leaders articulated Secularism, they espoused the phrase of “Sarvadharma Sambhaav”.  Which translates that all Dharmas were to be looked at in the same way.

Those who articulated Secularism thus, also made a damning assumption.  That Dharma is Religion.  It is not.  Dharma is the foundational law, or intelligence of existence.  It is the essence of a form.  Rose has an essence.  Jasmine also has an essence.  Cactus too.  Essence of Cactus is not the same as that of a Rose.  But it is the essence nevertheless.  It is fundamental to its existence.  It is not a belief.  It is its very way of being.  A Jasmine’s essence is beautiful, but it is NOT the greatest or the best.  Cactus is not a “poor kid on the street” by comparison.  You cannot and do not compare fundamental essence of two forms.  Sarvadharma Sambhava is understanding the futility of comparing one’s essence with another.

There is no talk of belief here.  It doesn’t matter what the heck a Rose believes in or a Cactus espouses.  There foundational nature is different, yet sacrosanct being the representation of the microcosm.

Dharma is an articulation of Inclusivity.  That, there is a beauty in being different.  That, being the same is not a virtue, but a curse.  At least at the level of Form.  The dimension, where form ceases, all is one.  But then articulations ceases there.  So, defining Oneness in Spirituality is a rather idiotic process.  For, the dimension that is Shunya (Empty), how can even One exist?

Secularism of Sarvadharma Sambhava variety, is therefore, no Secularism at all.  It is an understanding of a completely different dimension.

Secularism is a nonsensical paradigm

Secularism is, plain and simple, the greatest boon to the Exclusivist fanatics.  Those who want to assert themselves and can’t help pushing it to the limit, love getting the ticket to sit on the same table as the Inclusivist and argue equality.

As soon as the world agrees that the agendas of Exclusivity and Inclusivity are synonymous, peace is forever shoved down the drain.  The Exclusivist will make sure that Inclusivity can’t survive.  For, he knows that he is the best.  So, Souls must be saved.  Word of God has to brought upon the heathens and the non-believers.  Belief being the only valid currency, Exclusivist cannot fathom a world without belief and its progeny, the fanaticism.

That one can interact via essence escapes him.  Completely.

Secularism is an insurance for the crimes of the Exclusivist.  Not a harbinger of peace and medicine for conflict.  It is a perpetrator of conflict inherently!

World, therefore, needs to ensure that Inclusivity is understood and upheld in face of the onslaught of the Exclusivity.  Not to grant the latter a seat on the table.









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  • Kendall Furlong

    This comes across as gibberish. I’m sorry, for I don’t like such rude assertions and my knowledge of the religious state-of-mind in India is admittedly limited, but as published and without a context, it looks like gibberish. Notice I didn’t say IS gibberish, only that that is what it appears to be. It doesn’t help that the English is atrocious. Again, maybe it’s my ignorance of sub-continent English. Then again, I have read Indian authors who, unlike Mr. Kapoor, write in grammatical English or creative majuscules.

  • Jerry Lynch

    “That one can interact via essence escapes him. Completely.” This says it all as far as having a conversation on the matter: the language of Inclusivity is totally foreign.

  • B-Lar

    Secularism is human growth not stunted by religion. It is as simple as that. It has always been there, and is our true nature.
    If you create a man of straw, and call it secularism for the purposes of burning it, you have only burned yourself.

    • These concepts – that have been conjured up (which include Communism and Capitalism) – have an inherent curse. That we are either “With them or against them”. No human is either a fully community being (as communists wanted) or a die-hard individual (as Capitalists wanted and Ayn Rand promoted). One is both – individual and community-oriented. But if you take sides, you negate one half.

      This love for Secularism as a concept is similar. One has to look at everyone as a person. We like people who include us within their lives. It is hard to work with people who “tolerate” us. But that is what every modern day philosopher has tried to post as the hallmark of every Secular human being!

  • Kendall – thanks for your comment and critique. My assertions are very clear and if they come off as rude, then so be it. I am simply saying that Inclusivity as opposed to Equality (between Inclusiveness and Exclusiveness) is what leads to peace and harmony in any society or group.

    Secularism, both – of the Indian and the Western varieties – are not the way to handle the dichotomy between the two natures. One turns away, and the other says all are the same.

    If we don’t know now, one day we will know – in the West and the around the world – in a very telling manner that this fetish with being the “Only” or the “Best” and evangelizing it, was after all a very damning way to lead life.

  • Shaas

    I love the article. A simple sentence sums up difference between the real (Sanatan Dharm) and superstion of “religions” of the last 2 milleniums: “Seeking has been the highest virtue of Dharmic Spiritual journey, not Faith!”
    H.H.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has put it in this way: “What is important for us is God Consciousness, not faith in God!”


    I don’t know weather to laugh or cry in this article, I am looking it as it stands and no more, but I’ve started laughing, but my question is this, you know the difference between two, but lets say for example if you were cornered, which one would you choose and why? I’m just curios.

  • aryan

    Secularism is indeed not about Peace or Equality, at all. It is an infrastructure to provide a “closed ring Wrestling” competition between apologists of different religion. It ensures that the religious hatred doesn’t spread enough to break the social system. Its like the (WESTERN) Allopathy medicines that tends to mitigate the symptoms, by fooling the patient’s brain itself, rather than actually curing him.