Is Supporting Trump but Not Moore Hypocritical?

Is Supporting Trump but Not Moore Hypocritical? November 16, 2017

When I first heard about the accusations against Roy Moore, I didn’t want to believe them. After all, he was the brave soldier of the Lord who refused to stand down when commanded to have a monument inscribed with The Ten Commandments removed from the courthouse. As a result, Moore was removed from office. Something similar happened when he ordered all of the state judges in Alabama not to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. And while I understand that federal orders should usually be followed, I respected the Judge for placing his principles over his position

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So, hearing that he had been accused of sexually assaulting a young lady when she was 14 years old in the late 1970s was shocking. Like I said, I didn’t want to believe the accusations. And I held off on reading the original story. But then I heard that in an interview with Sean Hannity, Moore refused to deny dating teen girls while in his 30s.

I decided it was time to read the full article, and it was pretty convincing. Then this accusation came out earlier this week  followed by this one , bringing the count up to six.

Are all these women lying?

The same question can be asked about the women who accused Trump of everything from being inappropriate to downright sexually assaulting them.

When I started hearing about the allegations against Trump, I kept an eye on them, but my gut instinct was “HRC set all of this up.” I starting hearing the rebuttals from Trump and his campaign. And while some of them made me wince, most of the denial defenses seemed pretty solid (from “that was a public place and no one has come forward supporting this claim” to “that woman has emailed me asking for assistance or offering her support for my campaign.”) In fact, Leigh Corfman, the woman who accused Moore of assaulting her when she was 14 years old reports she supported Trump as well, and voted for him. I did too.

And, yet, I don’t support Roy Moore. Now, I don’t live in Alabama so it doesn’t really matter a whole lot what I think, but I have been wrestling with this since the news broke.

Am I a hypocrite for supporting Trump, but not Moore? Maybe it’s easier to denounce Moore when I am not personally faced with making the choice in the ballot box. Whereas with Trump, I knew I could easily support Pence (who also did not condone Trump’s lewd comments), and I knew that not only could I never vote for Clinton, but I also couldn’t be a part of helping her succeed. I knew the presidency would come down to one of the two, so I made my choice: Donald Trump.

But there are a few differences between Moore and Trump that I’d like to point out to help Trump supporters (and detractors) see why it’s okay to support one and not the other. Why supporting one, but not the other, doesn’t necessarily make me a hypocrite.

Point #1: As noted, Moore previously stated he would not deny dating teenagers while in his 30s. This leaves room for doubt when he claims that he was never physical with a teenager.

Point #2: It is not uncommon for political candidates to be accused of sexual misconduct or crimes. The accusations in and of themselves do not make the person guilty. What makes the Moore case different than many others is the credibility of those that have come forward and the inconsistencies in his own statements.  (Like the fact that now he is denying dating underage girls.)

Point #3: Again, Trump has evidence that disputes many of the claims, and many of the rebuttals are more than “I didn’t do it. The end.”

Do I believe that Trump walked in on women in various stages of undress behind the scenes as his pageants, intentionally or unintentionally? Yes. (While not the level of Miss Universe, I participated in some pageants myself in my early 20s, and know that anyone involved in the pageants pretty much had free reign behind the scenes. Some men were more respectful than others.) Do I believe that Trump hugged or kissed women without their expressed permission? Quite possibly. I think people with varying degrees of power and influence often believe that these kinds of behaviors are acceptable because of their fame – and they believe that the women want what they’re offering. Sometimes these things happen and people think they’re acceptable or funny in the moment, but later on realize they were inappropriate. It happened to me too.

Several years ago, I was on the set of a movie to serve as an extra. In all the downtime, the lead actor (a formerly well known TV star) was joking around and taking pictures with the rest of the cast. When it was my turn, he said something to the effect of “kiss my cheek for the picture.” Feeling a bit awkward, I said I would pretend to kiss his cheek for the picture. At the last second, he turned his face and kissed me right on the mouth. Everyone laughed, including me, despite my utter embarrassment. I did share it with the person in charge who put a stop to his behavior. I also shared about it on Facebook, thinking “well, he got me on that one.” It was only after seeing a loving family member’s reaction and reflecting on this that I realized how inappropriate it was. And, yet, I would not call this assault or harassment. But, truly, what happened to me is no more than what several claimed Trump did to them. Was that enough to keep the man out of office? I didn’t think so.

But I also believe those actions are quite different than what Moore is being accused of. Please remember that Moore is being accused of sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl while in his 30s. Even if she had claimed (or people think) she was a willing participant, she was too young to consent. She was a child. He was an adult. If this incident took place, Judge Moore engaged in sinful and criminal behavior. Dating teenagers while in his 30s (and reportedly giving them alcohol) is bad enough, but this? This, we cannot ignore. I just don’t think Moore saying “I didn’t do it” is enough to counteract the evidence that says he very possibly did. If evidence surfaces that clears Moore, I will apologize for not believing him. For now, I must believe the women who, without any apparent ulterior motive, have come forward.

So, call me a hypocrite if you must. Many people on both sides of the aisles that have defended their candidates against accusations. I believe most of us do what we believe is right based on what we believe the truth to be. But sometimes we willfully turn a blind eye, saying that having the opposing party’s candidate in office is worse than the awful behavior of our own candidate. I know many fellow Republicans on both sides of these cases, and I love and respect those I call friends, even when we disagree. But we really can’t have it both ways. We can’t say that all the women who accused Bill Clinton are telling the truth while saying all the people who accused Trump and Moore are lying. (And vice versa, democrats.)

If more evidence comes forward that Trump sexually assaulted ANY woman, I will repent of my vote and publicly acknowledge that failure as a follower of Jesus Christ. Regardless, he is now President of the United States, and I am praying for his success. If he fails, we all fail. And while I continue to support our President despite disagreeing with some of his comments and behaviors, because I believe there are enough red flags in the Moore case, I can’t support him. My gut instinct is that he’s a changed man. Perhaps he repented and began fervently following the Lord, leading him to defy federal laws in order to protect his beliefs. Yet, that does not change what may have happened. Being a forgiven follower of Jesus does not mean we are free from earthly consequences of our sin…and it certainly doesn’t mean we should be placed in positions of power.

P.S. I would never vote for Moore’s opponent, and implore all Alabama voters to follow suit. Sometimes we simply can’t choose between the lesser of two evils. Never the less, whatever the voters of Alabama decide to do is on them.

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  • kmv1

    What I hear you saying, essentially, is that you believe Trump because he offered ‘better’ denials for many (some?) of the accusations against him. Yet, the most believable accusation came from Trump himself, when he bragged that he could just ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ because he was a celebrity. How do you reason past that accusation?

  • dayk1

    This is an actual quote from Trump about walking backstage at beauty contests he owned where the contestants were often naked. Remember he also owns a teen beauty pageant and some of those participants corroborated this:

    “I’ll tell you the funniest is that I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed,” Trump told Stern. “No men are anywhere, and I’m allowed to go in, because I’m the owner of
    the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it. … ‘Is everyone OK?’ You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. ‘Is everybody OK?’ And you see these incredible-looking women, and so I sort of get away with things like that.”

    I guess the author of this piece ignored Donald Trump actually on tape saying he did this. Here is the difference between Moore and Trump….until Trump decided to make a business deal with evangelicals in order to get elected….he was proud to be a perv. Just listen to any of the Howard Stern shows he did. And I know some think he has changed, but he has said he didn’t need to ask forgiveness and he has NEVER apologized to any of the women. No, he attacks their looks and credibility instead. Doesn’t sound like he has changed to me. Yes, author, that makes you a hypocrite.

  • Peggy Soliday

    Putting the discussion of sexual assualt aside, how can any Christian support candidates & elected officials who have demonstrated actions which are the antithesis of Jesus’s teaching? Implementing policies that harm people and demonstrating overt racism is does not equate to my beliefs of being a Christian. Vice-President Pence does not demonstrate his Christian beliefs when he stands by and supports racest language and actions, not thinking of the greater good when he should be defender of the faith he espouses.

  • “the brave soldier of the Lord who refused to stand down when commanded to have a monument inscribed with The Ten Commandments removed from the courthouse”; I had to read this twice to convince myself the author was not ironic. Moore violated his oath of office, which required him to respect the Constitution, and thereby broke the 2nd Commandment. He is unfit to serve

  • Dhammarato

    It is not a matter of being a hypocrite, It is a matter of being a fool, a Russian stooge and with a mind full of HATE. A mind poisoned against Hillary Clinton and Democrats by The Russian and Fox news media. Shame on this author for her hypocrisy and her foolish poisoned mind. May she open her mind to the fact that for her whole life she has been manipulated by Republican-Christian racism. May all these foolish Russian stooge Republican voters wake up to the fact that you have been lied to and you still believe these racist lies. There are two religions in USA the religion of Jesus (about dead) and The Religion of the slavers. The Republicans want you all to be the slaves of the Republican wealthy. Real Christianity has been murdered and the slavers religion is what is left. And all you have left is HATRED.

  • Supporting Trump may not mean you’re a hypocrite, but it certainly means you’re not a Christian.

  • LM

    Oh yes, you are a hypocrite, to the nth degree. You believe Moore’s accusers but do not believe Trump’s accusers, even with that damning Access Hollywood tape with his boasting about sexually assaulting women. That just washed right over you. Yes, preying on 14 year-old girls is a great immoral wrong, but Trump doesn’t get a pass merely because his victims were not teenagers. Sexual predation is one big umbrella under which all these evils reside.

  • Donalbain

    It is not uncommon for political candidates to be accused of sexual misconduct or crimes.

    It is very rare for them to brag that they regularly sexually assaulting women. But, what isn’t rare is for evangelicals to be massive hypocrites.

  • David Cromie

    The short answer is ‘Yes’.

  • ron

    I was working on a longer rebuttal of your thoughts, but after reading those before me realized it wasn’t necessary. Yes, in capitals letters being shouted everywhere…You are a HYPOCRITE….AND CERTAINLY NOT CHRISTIAN.
    Why? what about trump is admirable? His constant lying? cheating on contracts? molesting? ..the list is too long to write….

  • Judgeforyourself37

    I have to tell you that from my point of view, you are a hypocrite. It was Trump telling his followers that he could sexually assault women, but grabbing them by their intimate parts, just because he was a wealthy celebrity. What Trump bragged about gave Moore permission to run for the senate, despite knowing, full well, that he, too, was guilty of sexual assault and pedophilia.
    Those two are peas in a pod.
    I am embarrassed that Trump is the president. What a “180” from the articulate, calm, educated, well respected, at least in other nations and by intelligent citizens of the US, President Obama

  • David Boyle

    i hope these allegations are false, it’s never good to hear of anyone taking advantage of a woman, especially a baby. I know that they are allegation but i strongly doubt someone would bring something up that old unless they had been struggling with it for a long time

  • RustbeltRick

    It’s profoundly sad that evangelicals are so locked into one-party voting that they discuss which pro-life-but-still-horrible-person deserves their support from year to year.

  • Kristina Fruge

    To answer your initial question…yes. Yes supporting Trump and not Moore in light of their harassment of women is the definition of hypocritical.

  • Carol Bell

    There is nothing but hot air in your self-promoting artic!e. Stop blathering. Accept the fact that you are a red-hot, self-aggrandizing hypocrite.

  • James Fogal

    I do live in Alabama. I would recommend that you look into the facts of the accusations — there are many holes in the accusations. Such as, the signed yearbook has been shown to be falsified – intentionally, and very poorly done. The accusations that Judge Moore was banned from the Gadsden, AL mall has no evidence behind it — and a good number of Gadsden mall employees are going on the record stating that it is not correct. To this day, I have not seen any evidence that Moore ever hung-out at the mall at a 30 year old – nor that he was ever banned. Since I am an Alabama voter, I am watching this closely. But, the facts that have been asserted by his accusers are being shown to be factually incorrect. I recommend anyone interested in the topic go to the Moore election website and facebook page for additional details on the current status on the accusations. Unfortunately, the mainline media have been silent on the results of the investigations of the claims against Moore. A day ago, I spoke with a female defense attorney who lives in Alabama — she told me that she would love to have Judge Moore as a client because there are many problems with the claims of many of the accusers. From my perspective, this is becoming evident that it is a political witch-hunt by one or both major political parties to character-assassinate a conservative. It was a well-orchestrated smear, but it is all dirty politics. Don’t take my word for it, look at the evidence that the Moore campaign has collected. This is likely why the Alabama Republican party and Republican governor (Gov. Kay Ivey) are continuing to support Judge Moore for U.S. Senate.

  • Bill

    Wow. Talk about tying yourself up like a pretzel to justify a vote for Trump while explaining why you can’t vote for Moore. This kind of irrational thinking, by a Libery U. professor is another reason for Liberty U. alumni to return their diplomas.

  • ravitchn

    Moore is just a pipsqueak version of Trump. Both claim piety but are really Pharisees. Both are molesters of women. Both are liars and swine. Moore may not be as narcissistic as Trump but that is not much of a virtue. I know Alabama: full of Christian Fascists and redneck ignoramuses.

  • James Fogal

    Unfortunately, it appears all you can do is respond with ad hominem attacks. I may be from Alabama, but I do know some logic and logical fallacies. It would be nice if you could respond with substance about the issues instead of personal, insulting attacks against people you disagree with.

  • Jeff

    You’re a piece of dogshit, Cromie. Stephanie Savage at Miracle Girl wrote a terrific piece about you and your predatory ways. She has you pegged.

  • kyuss

    supporting either one of those people marks you as a morally repugnant, garbage human.