I couldn’t help finding out about it. After all, #GodIsAWoman was a trending hashtag on twitter. I decided to find out what this was all about and discovered it is a new song by pop singer Ariana Grande. Supposedly she has a lot of fans, but I’ll admit I’m not familiar with any of her music. And, like I did when I dared say “wow” in response to the vulgar lyrics heard in one of Beyonce’s new songs a couple… Read more

According to Lifeway, Vacation Bible School (VBS) began in 1898 and reaches 2.5 million people every year. With more than 25,000 churches participating, there were 70,000 salvations as a result of VBS in 2017 alone. VBS is an incredible opportunity to reach children for Jesus! I’ve been involved in VBS for over 30 years. When I was a little girl, we marched down the center aisle of the sanctuary, had lemonade and cookies for snack, and slid down a cardboard… Read more

I recently heard a new-ish song by Luke Bryan. I remembered him from American Idol and how it touched my heart when he teared up during the audition of a grown man singing about his love for his adoptive mom. But as I was listening to this particular song – which contains many points that I completely agree with and has a beautiful melody – I realized just how wrong this country singer got things. Here are three ways, and why… Read more

My child isn’t my adopted daughter. She’s my daughter. Adoption is just one part of her story. It’s a vital part of her story, but there is and will be so much more about her than just how she became my daughter. There will be times when it will be important for her to identify as an adopted child – much like there are various times for us to identify based on various attributes such as race  and culture. I… Read more

Adoption is a place where joy and sorrow meet. While it is never born from perfect circumstances, and has its challenges, it is still beautiful and worthwhile. Becoming a mother through adoption has been life changing. Throughout the journey, I have learned a great deal about the language of adoption, and have tried to pass the newfound information along. My awareness has increased dramatically, which is why my antenna went up when a friend shared that one of her children… Read more

Trust. I used to teach my therapy clients that this is on a spectrum. For example, every time I stop at a red light, I trust that the person in the car behind mine is going to stop as well. That kind of trust is different than the trust I place in my husband.  On a daily basis, we all trust people to varying extents. A dear friend of mine has told me she trusts me with her life. This… Read more

I know a lot of service members and veterans. I am the wife of an active duty veteran who is now in the reserves. I used to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I’ve conducted research with service members and veterans. I’ve talked with countless current and former military members through the years. Yep, I know a lot of service members and veterans. And I don’t know a single one who wants to be recognized on Memorial Day. You… Read more

In high school, I loved going on trips with my church youth group.  On one particular trip, we had a blast making music videos. My assigned group selected a song with the following lyrics: Where do I go when I need a shelter? Where do I go when I need a friend? Where do I go when I need some helping? Where do I go? Back on my knees again! I’ve looked and looked, and cannot locate the artist or… Read more

This is my first official Mother’s Day as a mom. It’s been four years since I announced my “last” childless Mother’s Day. I was wrong about that year being my last – it took 3 years and 9 months to adopt.  Last year, we knew the baby girl that would become our daughter. She even spent Mother’s day with me. But this year is different. This year, I am her mama. Forever and ever amen. (Adoption finalization – November, 2017) As… Read more

The controversy continues within the Southern Baptist Convention surrounding Dr. Paige Patterson. I blogged about this last week. As I read various opinion pieces on the latest SBC drama, I got to thinking about one specific criticism Patterson faces: Over the fact that he would never recommend divorce. I have made myself clear that no amount of physical abuse should be tolerated. Neither should emotional abuse, sexual abuse, adultery, addiction, or any number of behaviors that are against God and… Read more

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