3 Tips for Generating Gratitude

Thanksgiving 2017 is here, and I’m left thinking about how blessed I am…and how little gratitude I show. As we approached this Thanksgiving, I began to think about how I can decrease my desire for what I don’t have and generate more gratitude for what I do  have. And while your desires may be different than mine, perhaps you can relate…and maybe these three tips will help you too. 1) Count your blessings. Consider your shelter (regardless of the size of your… Read more

Thanksgiving: An Opportunity for Gratitude or Gluttony?

To most Americans, Thanksgiving is about three “Fs”…food, family, and football. Oh, and more food! Read more

Is Supporting Trump but Not Moore Hypocritical?

Am I a hypocrite for supporting Trump, but not Moore? Read more

The Right Response to Reports of Sexual Trauma

It’s as if a flood gate has opened. Read more

On the Sacrifices of Veterans and the Importance of November 11th

There’s a beautiful song by John Michael Montgomery about a service member overseas receiving letters from home. He reads each of them aloud to his buddies, as they have all waited for these notes to arrive. The first comes from his mama. The second comes from his girl. The third comes from his daddy. That last one makes him cry.  His buddies laughed at his mama’s southern lingo. They laughed at his fiancée calling him “honey.” But they don’t make… Read more

Christians Should Support the Adoption Tax Credit

The adoption tax credit matters to adoptive families and the precious children they seek to adopt. Read more

3 Tips for Dealing with Life’s Seasons

We’ve all heard the expression “this is just for a season.” Whether it’s related to raising kids (oh the many seasons of that!), going through school, being a caregiver for an elderly parent…these, and more, are all simply seasons of life. But sometimes accepting a particular season of life is hard. It may be that you do not want the season to end. For example, maybe you’re struggling with your kids growing up. Or, it could be that you are… Read more

On Christians and Halloween

I fully recognize that evil does take place on Halloween night. Sadly, evil happens every night (and day). Read more

When You’re For Women, but Not a Feminist

I don’t identify as a feminist. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in rights for women – equal rights for women. Read more

4 Ways to Be Pro ALL Life

Are we really pro-life? Because, if we are, we should be pro ALL life. Read more

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