Like many people, there have been numerous times in my life when I have felt lonely. Two scenarios instantly come to mind: when I left for college and when my husband and I spent over half a year away from home. I still have the photo my parents took right before we headed out of town for them to drop me off at college. I was wearing a yellow tank top, and standing next to my mama’s station wagon (the… Read more

Someone I know announced an affair via social media. I don’t know this individual well, and I certainly don’t know details about the marriage. Here’s what I do know: Adultery hurts people. We all know that people often fake it on Facebook. What appeared to be a solid marriage may have been rocky for a long time – maybe since the start. But no matter what the situation is, my response must be: No, I will not celebrate your affair… Read more

American Christians have lost our boldness. Perhaps we were never bold to begin with. Look around at the number of Christians being intimated and silenced by society. Instead of being bold for Christ, we allow ourselves to be bullied by culture. By all means, there are some that are vocal. Some that we should look up to as role models of the faith in face of trials and tribulation. But often the loudest voices are those who want the spotlight… Read more

When I was a teenager, I disliked the term “evangelical.” It didn’t make sense to me – after all, Jesus commanded His disciples to go and make disciples. And while He was only talking to 11 men at the moment, the Great Commission applies to all Christ followers. I equated evangelical with evangelism, and since all Believers are called to be witnesses for Jesus (see Acts 1:8), there was no reason to differentiate between evangelical and non-evangelical. I believed all… Read more

In Matthew 27:10, Jesus talks to some women. It wasn’t unusual for Jesus. His interactions with women are recorded throughout Scripture. In our 21st century, we often overlook these encounters because they don’t seem out of place. But, make no mistake, it was not common for a man to speak to women in that day and age. At least not like Jesus did. The book of John records two of the most well-known examples of his dealings with women. People… Read more

With Easter less than two weeks away, there is no better time to focus on the meaning of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many people are fascinated by this phenomenon,whether or not they are Christian or regular church attenders. In fact, Easter is a holiday that leads many of those individuals to church for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, this is a good thing – we Christians should want people to come and join us on the most… Read more

As a licensed social worker and national certified counselor; as the director of a professional counseling program and former psychotherapist; as the author of a book on trauma, stress, and overwhelming life events…I’ve had my share of friends coming to me with their problems. To a certain extent, I don’t mind. I am reminded of the old quip “to have a friend, you must be a friend.” While I have learned that it is not my role or responsibility to… Read more

Have you ever peopled watched? You know – where you sit at a table in the mall food court or on a bench in the middle of Main Street and just see who passes you by. I don’t have much time for people watching, but I do take notice of who is sitting around me at restaurants. Recently, I noticed an older couple – not elderly, but old enough that if they had children, the kiddos would be long grown…. Read more

After a recent, and rare, evening out, my husband and I asked my baby-sitter sister how things went with our 14-month old daughter. After assuring us everything went well, she shared how during the one time baby girl woke up, she was calling for “mama.” This melted and broke my heart all at once. I loved that I was on her heart and mind. Yet I hated that she wanted – needed – me and I wasn’t there. I was… Read more

By all accounts, Reverend Billy Graham was a good man. He lived for 99 years and was never personally embroiled in any kind of scandal. What a rarity. He was faithful to his wife, whom he loved dearly. His children, grandchildren, and extended family have only wonderful words to share about the famed evangelist. The only apparent challenge was his frequent traveling. While difficult, it was accepted because of the purpose for him being away from home so much. Graham… Read more

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