New York Isn’t the Only State that Celebrates Abortion

New York Isn’t the Only State that Celebrates Abortion January 24, 2019

What happened in New York has gotten people talking and acting. That is a good thing. But you need to know that NY is not alone in their outrageous abortion allowances. Every state allows abortion, and 8 states plus DC have no prohibitions. In fact, the remaining states allow exceptions for health. And health is not defined – physical or mental health concerns of any kind are acceptable reasons. Abortions are disproportionally obtained by poor, minority women. Yet, abortion is celebrated by those who claim to be the champions of vulnerable populations.

In almost all cases, abortion literally stops the beating heart of an innocent human being. There is no getting around that. Science proves it. Many doctors admit late term abortions are never necessary. You can deliver the baby early, but there is no reason to kill the child. It is not humane. It is not compassionate. It is murder. Abortionists cover up sex abuse, including sex trafficking.

More information from the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute demonstrates that some states require no counseling or even a true informed consent. Some states require no parental notification/consent of parents for minors. Some states use state funds to pay for abortions. THIRTY states allow for partial birth abortions. The research on the links between increased risk of mental health problems and breast cancer after abortion are minimized. Ignored even.

People say abortion is a woman’s right, but the intention is not to take away the rights of women but to protect the rights of the unborn. It is illogical to say that an unborn baby IS a baby if wanted by the mother, but is NOT a baby if unwanted by the mother. The truth is that every baby is wanted, even if not by the woman carrying the child.

Legislation matters. It reduces abortion. So does the work of crisis pregnancy centers and many other organizations with boots on the ground. No, the rights of the women and the rights of the unborn are not on opposite sides. No, the issue is not solely a systemic one. Really, the root of abortion is sin – on the part of the woman. On the part of the abortionists.  On the part of the legislators who fail to act. On the part of those who celebration decisions like the one in New York. On the part of those who ignore abortion all together. On the part of those who have failed to a) adequately provide abstinence education, b) meet the needs of women in crisis pregnancies with compassion, and c) demonstrate the dignity and worth of every human life.

We ALL need to repent and do better.

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