Yes, Abby Johnson Is Telling the Truth – So What?

Yes, Abby Johnson Is Telling the Truth – So What? April 13, 2019

Abby Johnson has faced her share of critics. People who support abortion rights don’t like it when anyone tells the truth about the killing of unborn human beings. They don’t like it when you talk about the baby’s heartbeat starting at 6 weeks. They don’t like it when you share about the disproportionate number of African American women who receive abortions. (Over  35% of all aborted babies are black. Right on par with Margaret Sanger’s eugenics efforts.) And they sure don’t like it when you point out how much money abortion staff earn. So, of course, they would stand up against Abby Johnson too. They have been ever since she resigned from her position as director of a Planned Parenthood office in Texas.

(Photo: Abby Johnson)

As depicted in  the movie “Unplanned”, Johnson spent 8 years there before witnessing something heartbreaking and walking away, joining the pro-life movement. Listen, it takes a lot for someone to publicly confess her role in providing abortions. But she does it for a righteous cause – to tell the truth about abortion and to help make abortion unthinkable. All abortion clinics hate this, but Planned Parenthood especially so. This is why they tried and failed to sue Johnson years ago. But they won’t stop trying to prevent her from getting her message out. (Especially after 94 workers have sought help in leaving their jobs since the movie was released). Planned Parenthood continues to deny what Johnson says is the truth. They deny that she witnessed an ultrasound guided abortion. They deny that she witnessed a 13 week baby being aborted. They deny that she assisted in the abortion. They deny that this type of abortion even happened on the date she says it happened.  I believe Johnson. I know she is telling the truth, despite her critics lying about her. But even if she was not telling the truth about one event on one day, that does not change the horrific reality of abortion.

(Photo: “Unplanned”)

Ultrasound guided abortions happen all the time – after all, surgical abortions are used in all three trimesters of pregnancy across the country. Between surgical and medical abortions, over 61 million babies have been aborted in American since 1973; worldwide, over 1.5 billion babies aborted since 1980. The numbers are staggering. Despite the unborn having everything they need – except time – they are often looked at as only being a potential life rather than life itself. Diana Philip from the National Coalition of Abortion Providers has stated: “Pro-choice docs would say that it is not their business to determine for a patient when life begins. Ultimately each patient determines the value and definition of life…within her own mind and heart.” Sorry, that’s not how this is supposed to work. Remember, the idea of one human (or group) determining the value of life of another human (or group) has resulted in horrific atrocities from the Holocaust to the Rwandan Genocide.

(Photo: Live Action)

Yet, when pro-life supporters advocate for more information for women, so that they can be truly informed before ending the life of their unborn child, the likes of Planned Parenthood balk at the very idea. Why?  In part because they know that some women who see their baby on an ultrasound don’t choose abortion. And that means they lose money. Data is mixed on the number of women who choose life after seeing their unborn baby BUT there is no question that women should be given the option – every. single. time. It’s ironic that the word “baby” is used when a woman wants her unborn baby, but the word is shunned when she does not. Yet, all babies are wanted – even if not by the woman carrying the baby.

(Photo: Live Action)

There are so many success stories shared by women who have had unplanned pregnancies and the babies they birthed that prove that abortion does not have to be the response to the crisis. Even for those babies that were conceived in rape. Women can and should be well-informed. And they can choose life in hard circumstances because they are strong and capable. They can get help from one of the 4,000 pro-life pregnancy centers in America, many of which offer ultrasounds, maternity clothing, baby supplies, support for dads, counseling, post-abortion recovery, and – most of all – hope. By the way, it’s all free. Compare the volunteers and staff who sacrifice so much for those in need to those who work at abortion facilities, whose money is earned off the destruction of human babies and the shredding of human souls.

(Photo: Live Action)

Thank God that Abby Johnson left Planned Parenthood, whatever the reason. Thank God that she shares the truth about abortion. Go see “Unplanned” for yourself. If it does not move you, then your heart needs a tune up. At least you have a heart to BE tuned up. The babies not being given chance at life outside the womb have their hearts stopped. How that doesn’t move everyone to work together against abortion is beyond me. May God have mercy on our souls. On second thought, we deserve whatever we get.

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