Why Honour Marriage?

Why Honour Marriage? December 17, 2023

More than any other aspect of life, the Church’s teaching on marriage is delivered and enforced like Hebrew Law – you are either righteous or unrighteous, depending on whether your life fits the broadly accepted pattern. Even long-standing, committed, cohabiting couples are judged as ‘living in sin’ and refused leadership or ministry roles in many congregations, and a divorcee might be sacked as an elder, even if their ex-partner was the one who pushed for divorce. I find the lack of compassion in this area staggering; the legalism deeply unChristlike.


That said, marrying my darling Chanel has given me insight into some of the very real blessings bestowed on a couple when they take that step of commitment. Some of those blessings took me completely by surprise, and I want to share those discoveries today I recently wrote a piece on this, titled ‘real reasons to honour marriage’, which isn’t yet on my blog. For those who want to explore some of the treasures unearthed through matrimony, here’s the link.



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