Reflections of Grace 40: Living from the Heart, part 3 – Fear

Reflections of Grace 40: Living from the Heart, part 3 – Fear July 31, 2014

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Have you ever been gripped with that paralyzing fear that embraces your mind to the point that you’re too terrified to even move?

Our unguarded minds manufacture the most insidious scenes within seconds if we let our guard down.  Don’t you find that to be true?  How can we see through the smoke screen of the enemy’s lies?

  • I learned to pray Psalm 91 over my kids every day.  Oh, what sweet release to picture them surrounded by angels.  I have plenty of testimonies to tell of actual incidences that I knew angels had been there; but I digress.
  • I found out that God says in Matthew that our kids have special angels that always behold the face of the Father assigned to them.  They had to be pretty special angels because God created them just for our kids. I would pray that.  When we pray truth, God listens and we find relief.

I knew I had found a tool to incorporate a promise that was made available to me through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • We have an enemy.  He is not happy when we have our eyes opened to the fact that we can actually use God’s power to overcome his feeble attempts to keep us inactive, due to fear.
  • He is hoping we will forget that fact and succumb to him if he makes enough noise, but we know that “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.”    Satan roams around like a lion “seeking whom he may devour”… notice it says “seeking”… not all of us have our heads in the sand.  We have to be on our guard and walking in the presence of Jesus and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the noise of the enemy, and believe me he will make a lot of noise.

He is always there. His name is higher than any other, and at the mention of His name, every other thing, including fear, has to bow its knee to our King!!

  • I have realized it is going to take a supernatural life to be able to withstand evil attacks in these coming dark days.    It is time, my friends, to determine that whatever else our goals and hopes are we need to be seeking the strengthening of our souls and resist fear.
  • It all happens in Our SOULS… our mind, will, and emotions!!   We are spirit, we have a soul, which is our mind, will and emotions, and we live in a body.  It is the soul that is constantly under attack by the enemy; it is the battleground.
  • Our minds have to be renewed daily to what God says about us so that we can recognize when the enemy is speaking.  This is why the bible teaches us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and darkness and everything that exalts itself over and against our God.
  • Fear can dictate how we live our lives, if we let it.  But the power is in our hands.  We can change if we know how to do it. He has given us all we need.

2 Timothy 1:7 says that God has not given us a spirit of fear.

  • What we fear most often reveals what we trust the Lord with the least.
  • Acknowledge the fear and make a choice to trust God with it. He knows far better what you need in your life.  Keep pursuing freedom. Keep professing God’s word as truth over your life.  Recognize that they don’t do anything to you unless you allow it. You belong to the Lord. Do not listen to those who say you will not make it or those who proclaim you as a poor parent or those who say you aren’t good enough. Do not listen as Satan whispers in your ear that your past sin will keep you from future success. Do not listen! You belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth!
  1. Pray the word.  Put your name right in there as you pray.  Or pray the word over your family or others you may be called to pray for until you see God’s intervention.  Faith comes by hearing yourself speak truth!!  An example:

Psalms 91:1-2 (AMP): Lord, I thank you that because I dwell in the secret place of You, oh most high, I shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of You, my Almighty God, whose power NO foe can withstand… There are no limits in praying the word!!

  1. Sing His word from your spirit.  I love singing my prayers.  It slows down my mind.  And many times, in the Spirit, I have heard Him singing back to me in my own voice in answer to my song.  It is really beautiful.
  2. Let the Holy Spirit pray through you.  Just go with it and His leading in however He shows you to pray.  Just let go and go with it!
  3. Speak the name of Jesus.  When the heat is turned up and I just can’t seem to pray anything, I just say the name of Jesus over and over.  In Acts it says that there is no other name as powerful as the name of Jesus, and at the mention of that name every knee has to bow in both heaven and earth.   So the way I see it, even if you can’t do anything else when you just say His name He is right there fighting for you.
  4. Learn the power of surrendering to Jesus!!  When I am obsessing in fear over something or someone, I have learned to picture whatever it is in the palms of my cupped hands.  I then picture Jesus coming up behind me and cupping His hands under mine.  I then drop my fear into His hands and I watch him in the spirit as He walks away holding that which has me fearful close to his bosom. I can then just let go.  At that point I feel the weight of my fear leave, and I know that He is so much more capable of taking care of my issue than I could ever be. I have been known to do this over and over until the enemy gives up and leaves my mind.
  • If it steals, kills, or destroys you can know where it is coming from.  If it gives you life and joy then you know it is from God.  When we make agreements with demonic forces suggesting things to us, we come under their influence.   We give permission to our enemy to move in with force.  Anxiety attacks, which are always rooted in fear, are rampant these days.  Depression is too.  Jesus wants so much more for us; as a matter of fact He has already given us all we need to stand firm and fight this fight.  The real secret to really dwelling in His presence is pretty simple.  Fear can’t stay in His presence.   Light and darkness cannot dwell together…you can’t have two thoughts at the same time.  If the enemy puts a thought in your head, immediately say the name of Jesus, or a scripture that helps…the dark thought has to go.  It simply cannot stay.

Let Him speak to you and step out in faith and believe that it is Him.   In that way, you learn to recognize His voice over the voice of Satan.   Remember it is His sheep that hear His voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.

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