Same Sex Marriage: Correct… Not Politically Correct with Frank Turek

The Summit Lecture Series 1

Whenever you are discussing a controversial topic with someone, ask them, “Do you consider yourself a tolerant person?”  When they reply that they are, you then say, “Well, good.  So, when I say something that you don’t agree with, then you will still treat me and my ideas with respect, even though you don’t agree with them, right?  That’s what a tolerant person would do.  Correct?” By doing this, before things even have a chance at getting heated, you have already “defanged” any response that t … [Read more...]

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 104: Too Nice To Date, John Branyan & Michael O’Brien


[display_podcast] Once again, this week’s show comes from the stage of the Carnival Dream Cruise Ship! When I was younger, I didn’t date much… even though I thought I would. You see, when I was a little boy, women would constantly tell me, “You are so cute! You’re going to have to beat the ladies away with a stick, Mister!” And I believed them. Then came puberty. They say it’s an awkward stage… but it just made me permanently awkward. But, that didn’t stop me from asking out the lovely Sue! … [Read more...]

Ouxano: Discipling Your Kids Is YOUR JOB, Not Their Sunday School Teacher’s

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[display_podcast] The definition of a disciple is:  one who attends upon another for the purpose of learning from them.  So, basically, a disciple is someone who follows another person with the expressed purpose of learning from them. Jesus specifically chose twelve apostles out of a group of about 120 followers. And then, from those twelve, he chose three – Peter, John and James – to give them even more intimate instruction and leadership. Now, Jesus didn’t have all the distractions that we d … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 126: Victory Through Defeat

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[display_podcast] Jesus now has exactly seven months left. As you will hear in this PODCAST, Jesus knows it. He understandably recoils from it. But He must now prepare His disciples for it. Here in Matthew 16, and its parallel passage in Mark 8, we have reached a crucial moment in the life and ministry of Jesus. Make no mistake about it. These words here in Matthew 16 are a game-changer… One that reveals much to us about the character of Jesus and the strategy of Satan. An intriguing story … [Read more...]

Transform: Blessed Are Christian Business Owners Who Mourn

Transform Square

(The following was originally published at In Matthew 5:4, Jesus says –“Blessed are those who mourn,         for they will be comforted.” How on earth does this apply to business? After all, it seems counterintuitive that a Christian business person would have a mournful spirit. Of all people in the world, we should be the most…Optimistic Joyful Positive Energetic Hopeful…people in the world. When I talk about us BEING mournful in spirit, I mea … [Read more...]

Reflections of Grace 95: Leaning Into His Embrace!


[display_podcast] A client recently said to me, “I wonder sometimes why others look at me and think I have it so together. They say ‘You lead a wonderful life!’   They confided that they could assure me that they are far from wonderful.  Walk a few days in my shoes, they say.”I began to share with them that they do know Someone who is wonderful.  Without Him walking besides us I would drown in our own delusions. If you are feeling lost or alone right now, allow me to take your hand and … [Read more...]