5 Minutes in Church History: Chaplain John Bradford, British Martyr

In this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Stephen Nichols tells the story of the dishonest clerk who became a martyr.Our study of the three British martyrs concludes with a look at Chaplain Bradford. John Bradford was born in Manchester, England, around 1510. He was headed for a career as a clerk and he did very well. In fact, he served as a clerk for Henry VIII and also served in the Inner Temple, a professional association for barristers in England. There he also studied law and … [Read more...]

Reasonable Faith Podcast: Revisiting a Famous Debate – Part Two

Dr. Craig discusses an interview with Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong revisiting the issues of their debate as well as some new topics. [display_podcast]KEVIN HARRIS: Come on in! It is Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig. We are going to go to part two in our series on Walter Sinnott-Armstrong's interview with Robert Kuhn. Let's pick up right where we left off last time…DR. WALTER SINNOTT-ARMSTRONG: One example of this would be Aquinas' cosmological argument. He argues . . . I don' … [Read more...]

Simply Joyful Podcast: Tips for a Better Morning with Pam Barnhill

This is an exciting episode for me. I have no idea how I missed the whole podcasting revolution when it was starting. Somehow I did. Yet, when my friend was talking about all the encouragement she received from listening to Pam Barnhill's podcast, my eyes were officially opened to the world of podcasting. I'm so thrilled to have Pam on the show today. I'm a big believer in gleaning from others and tweaking what they do to work in your own family. Well, that is not only the advice that Pam is … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: What Are the Effects of Original Sin?

[display_podcast]How do we relate the sin of Adam to humanity? Why are we guilty for something we did not do? How is this just? Are children born with original guilt and corruption, or does Scripture teach that there is an age of accountability? What did Augustine, Pelagius, or Arminius believe about this important question? On this program the hosts will discuss various perspectives on the effects of the Fall that have arisen throughout the history of the church as they continue to unpack … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Beauty and the Beast and Our Obsession with Remakes

“Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme.” And we just keep retelling and re-singing it. I’m talking about the year’s biggest movie. [display_podcast] In a segment on NPR last Wednesday, Bob Mondello documented the bizarre entertainment phenomenon known as “movie twins.” Hollywood has long puzzled the public by releasing films with nearly identical premises and plots within months or even weeks of one another. “Mission to Mars” and “Red Planet,” “Armageddon” and “Deep Impact,” “Antz” and “A B … [Read more...]

First Liberty Briefing: Is Environmentalism Considered a Religion?

Randall Krause filed a lawsuit against the Tulsa County Library Commission. Evidently, the Commission maintains a recycling program and, according to Krause, it constitutes an undue burden on the Free Exercise of his environmentalism. Learn what criteria the court uses to decide what constitutes a religion at FirstLiberty.org/Briefing.Thank you for joining us for the First Liberty Briefing, an exclusive podcast where host Jeremy Dys—also First Liberty Senior Counsel—provides an insider’s look … [Read more...]