Brad Stine Has Issues: What Would It Take To Be A Communist?

Brad Stine Has Issues: What Would It Take To Be A Communist? March 15, 2022

What Would It Take To Be A Communist?

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

Is it possible that the coronavirus problem is more than a virus, but also a way of getting Americans used to giving up our freedoms? Can it be used not only to get us sick, but to turn us into something we are not?

 How many of you out there are what they used to quaintly refer to as card carrying communists? You know, the communism that demands allegiance to the state. That commands you to drop any outmoded idea like free speech, personal autonomy, free enterprise, private property ownership, and entrepreneurship? For most Americans being a communist is such a counter American idea and is so fundamentally abhorrent to all this nation was founded on that it is difficult, seeing its track record how anyone could be so stupid as to give their intellect and freedom over to its premise.But on the other hand if there was a specific group or country that wanted to infiltrate and to fundamentally destroy America from within all it would take is to get Americans to abandon their history, accomplishments, traditions and constitution. BUT, wouldn’t that be an extremely difficult thing to do? I mean even the most politically uninvolved American certainly would see someone trying to convert them to communism and would easily be able to deflect their attempt. Or would they? Could it be possible to surreptitiously get someone to willingly give away their fundamental rights and gladly become absorbed into the collective of communal participation and accept their role as submissive cogs in a wheel of a machine more important than them? If so, how would it work? What if I created a crisis that affected everyone. Something that wasn’t obvious like a terrorist attack or a military invasion. Something that was spread throughout the country through fellow Americans without their knowledge at first. What if it was something we as humans were familiar with but historically weren’t able to combat it equally effectively each time. A virus perhaps that was spread communeley as all viruses are, and yet when it was first recognized it was just exotic enough to impose the possibility, the possibility mind you, that could potentially cause untold amounts of death to everyone that contracted it. Thus it gained a foothold because of 2 realities. One, it was in fact  a real virus and two it was potentially able to wipe out millions of people of every age, gender, and nationality. If we were prudent people we would take every precaution necessary to defend ourselves and our loved ones from contracting it. Because of its unique, man made nature we might even overreact to how to defend against it. Maybe shut down our freedom to travel and even shut down our businesses and churches. Our entertainment venues and our restaurants. Even those these social institutions and accommodations are the backbone of our traditions and flow of commerce the least we could do, being as this may be the worst virus in human history, is sacrifice our freedoms just for a week or two until the dust settles and we get a handle on what we are actually dealing with. I mean what red blooded American would be so callous as to not be willing to pitch in and sacrifice for the good of our fellow man? As a matter of fact that would be a theme that if it took root could be used continually especially if people began to balk and protest the irrational, ineffective means we may implement to the detriment of literally millions. What if we then added something that would intrude on the most basic fundamental rights of an American by forcing them to wear something that was uncomfortable, made it difficult to breathe and also eliminated the individuality of the wearer. A mask perhaps that was never designed to be worn daily and for hours at a time and naturally people would be uncomfortable with it and many would protest. It would be then that we could once again play the empathy card and shame these Americans for even contemplating the notion that perhaps there was a bigger game afoot and the constitutionality of freedom doesn’t disappear just because someone might be in harm’s way. Remember that the person that just might be affected by contracting the virus needs to be placed in a separate category from the rest of us. The category that actually raises their status to such a degree that even those who are healthy and will never actually get the virus must succumb to a willingness to give up their rights or be shamed by not doing so. This would be a great exercise in conditioning Americans to no longer see themselves as deserving equal representation but in fact to view their personal freedom as an affront to anyone else who decides they are dangerous. Maybe we could even coax neighbors and children to call authorities and turn in our former friends and neighbors for breaking the social gathering rules set in  place by mayors and governors who by the way will never suffer a lost paycheck or lost a business or lost dignity. If, by conditioning Americans that to be a truly good citizen, betraying and turning in neighbors is actually an American thing to do then slowly, bit by bit, freedom by freedom we will watch freedom and constitutional rights not be stolen by the point of a gun. No need. We will get Americans to slit their own throats and actually pat their own backs as being the best of citizens all the while watching themselves bleed out by their own hand.

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