Brad Stine Has Issues: Pray For Those Who Despitefully Use Us

Brad Stine Has Issues: Pray For Those Who Despitefully Use Us February 23, 2022

Pray For Those Who Despitefully Use Us

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

Did you just get off your knees from praying for those who despitefully use you? I’m guessing no. But, the Bible says we’re supposed to, right? I mean, shouldn’t we sincerely pray for people who treat us like crap?

As most of you watching this show know, I am a Christian. Because of that reality I. like you, approach everything I encounter with that presuppositional worldview in mind. I am obligated not only to study to show myself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed rightly diving the word of truth, but I actually have to put these commandments in action. Now one of the biggest hurdles for me to be able to accomplish this Christian lifestyle is not that I am not gungho and all in, it is because I suffer from a disease that makes it incredibly difficult to do so. It is the disease known as being human. Because I am human the same faith that demands I ascribe to its edicts also tells me that I can’t ascribe to its edicts based on my power alone. It actually tells me that I need to seek and surrender to a transcendent being known as the Holy Spirit. I know I know to those of you who don’t believe in anything outside the material world it sounds ridiculous and unfathomable that a grown, educated adult in the  year 2021 would believe in the immaterial world, but I do. Not only do I believe in it but I have come to realize that only when you believe in it are you able to see it at work in your life. I know, I know you’re saying ,well because you have chosen to believe in this immaterial world then it forces you to live in confirmation bias and ascribe meaning and authenticity to an idea you can’t prove through the scientific method but instead but only believe in it because you want it to be true and my personal experiences in regards to the spiritual world is only delusionary and unsupportable by anything other than subjective feelings and emotions. But that also begs the question if I believe that I have experienced actual objective interaction with what I believe to be true outside what can be scientifically proven then of course that applies to the materialist as well. You see, if you have decided, without proof scientifically, that the immaterial world does not exist then you too have committed to a philosophy and presuppositional worldview of materialism that YOU can’t prove doesn’t exist scientifically. You see if the immaterial world did exist than trying to discover it using a methodology designed to prove the material world simply is ill equipped to be able to analyze it based on the fact that the nature of these ideas by necessity exist in separate worlds. If that sounds like a cop out to suggest or premise another world that clearly can’t be proven by the scientific method exists as a way to justify my belief in the supernatural then of course you too have to admit that you have done the same thing by believing in parallel universes and postulating infinite amounts of possible worlds, none of which have ever been seen or proven to exist except in your mind to overcome the hurdle of the material religion of Darwinism being unsatisfactory when it comes to complexity of life that based on neo-Darwinism simply would not have had enough time to create by accidental mutations which virtually every time they occur do far more damage to the organism than impart greater complexity. In other words the religion and make no mistake to believe in accidental, unguided  mutations as a rational postulate to go from nothing to something to inorganic matter magically becoming organic matter that also reaches a place unguided where it accidentally stumbles upon a mind so sophisticated that it is able to somehow exist outside its material confines and actually direct exploration at itself and draw conclusions about itself using the same material that caused it to exist in the first place and all of this happened without an engineer or designer or architect or code writer is so beyond any possible rational persons ability to accept as anything other than faith in an unprovable theory is literally beyond comprehension. But I digress. No, the reason I bring up the battle between materialism and theism is because they both come with consequences. They both affect behavior that also affects others that may or may not ascribe to the particular POV. Both affect culture, society and virtually everything we as humans utilize to function in the material world. You see I have taught you in previous episodes that when we evaluate the value, usefulness and morality of a belief system it takes much more than simply weighing the content and definition of the system and then simply choosing from there. There are a myriad of ways to judge and justify the usefulness and utility of a worldview. The theory of what it stands for is one thing but putting it into place is another because suddenly it takes on real world consequences rather good or bad depending on the idea. The good news is some ideas that have either been put into place in a society are still functioning and we have the weight of history to conclude if it was a success or are still here but proven a disaster or have simply imploded from the weight of its own worthlessness. I mean what could be an easier pragmatic approach to assessing the value of a system than to simply see what happened to the culture that utilized it. In other words, did its ideas make things better or worse for the society. Was it sustainable because of the robust nature of its ability to make things better and more substantive as it continued? Obviously the amount of nuance and the myriad of complexity with any political or philosophical system could take years to examine but to try to keep this simple I am simply applying this test. Does the ideas of a system make things better or worse as we see them in play? That takes me back to the beginning of this episode when I brought up my Christianity. One sad reality it seems we have all observed in America over the last number of years is how unfortunate we have come to have taken what used to be disagreements politically or socially as ideas worthy of equal dignity at least to exist and be debated to a new for of totalitarianism that states what you believe if differing from what I believe is no longer worthy of robust debate but instead is simply hate speech and must be eliminated from public discourse. Please keep in mind that the redefinition of an idea I don’t like as automatically being evil is coming only from one source, the left. There isn’t a conservative or classic liberal in the world that lobbies for the censorship and destruction of ideas they despise. To the contrary conservatives love healthy debate because when reality and facts are examined they virtually always show that conservatism by far brings more freedom to more people than any leftist thought could imagine. Remember my friends any idea that cannot withstand objective scrutiny is not worthy of your allegiance and any freethinker would immediately abandon it as a failure. One of the realities of Christianity for example is it demands Christians do something so outside what would be considered common sense as to make it either absurd or mystical. We as Christian’s are called to Pray for those that despitefully use us. This is a humbling and disciplined introspection that forces us to never get too haughty or filled with pride and self righteousness but instead to view all humans as made in the image of God and worthy of respect and dignity even if their viewpoint not only disagrees with mine but is the antipathy of it. Leftists are never taught humility or a responsibility towards those that disagree with them and thus when in power from Stalin to Mao they have permission to not just disagree but hate, imprison, torture, murder, censor and eliminate from history those that don’t conform to their Marxist ideology. Notice BTW that this is not some ad hominem indictment of an ideology I despise but is in fact an objective, historically documented reality that I can compare and evaluate based on what it actually did, not what it continues to try and convince us it actually is. If leftism’s ideas are so altruistic, why does it so fear dissent as to have to destroy it? Remember christianity teaches I have to pray for those that despitefully use me but it doesn’t tell me what to pray. Because I am also commanded to love my enemies I am duty bound to pray first that  those who have committed their lives to leftism would instead humble themselves and come to know the greatest reality in human history, that God visited us in order to give us all a path back to Eden. If not, I pray that all their schemes would collapse into eternal damnation where they belong and I shake the dust off my feet. Just as the apostles did in the new testament at times they held humans that rejected the truth and hindered the gospel maliciously accountable to their own destruction. This is 1st century church stuff my friends. This is where we are being returned to in the new America.

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