Your Body, Your Spirit, and a Good Night’s Sleep – Why Rest Matters | don’t let your phones and screens deprive you of God’s gift of sleep, and in turn all the personal interaction, productivity, creativity, and especially spiritual vitality that make us fully human as God intended. Read more

Stefonknee, the Transgender Dad – Paul Walsh: a 52-year-old man who left his wife and seven kids to self-identify as a six-year-old girl named “Stefonknee”. Read more

Can Religious Materials Be Made Available to Public School Students? Look around at your school. Perhaps there’s a community information table waiting to be stocked with Bibles. Read more

Esther Edwards Burr – She was the third child of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, the wife of Aaron Burr Sr., the mother of Aaron Burr Jr., and a Colonial diarist. Read more

Eliminating Discrimination by Discriminating Against Christians, Work and Welfare, Hawaii’s Real Warning all from the Christian worldview with Albert Mohler Read more

Women Must Be Silent In Church? There are ways a woman can find Godly fulfillment that a man cannot. But, the authority in the church is commanded for men to step up and lead. Read more

Do Non-Christians Ever Please God? Without faith, it is impossible to please God. But God draws unbelievers to Himself, grants them desires that lead to encounters with the Gospel so that they may believe and please God through lives of faith Read more

What is the Correct View of the Atonement? Dr. William Lane Craig interacts with Greg Boyd on a proper view of the Atonement Read more

Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Religious Freedom, Lose on Appeal – Art in the Eye of the Beholder? The Court realized that making a cake for an event could definitely be speech, but they couldn’t allow this speech or those who made it to prevail, so it created a reason why they shouldn’t. Read more

Justin Dean, Former Communications Director of Mars Hill Church, Shares His Story, What He Is Doing Today and Hard Lessons About Church Communications Read more

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