5 Minutes in Church History: Look, There’s the Kingdom

Leo Tolstoy had an interesting but very false idea about the kingdom of God. In this episode of 5 Minutes in Church History, Dr. Stephen Nichols discusses the idea that would gain a lot of traction in the twentieth century.Leo Tolstoy, Walter Rauschenbusch and the Social Gospel Movement Leo Tolstoy is best known as a novelist. He authored War and Peace in 1869 and Anna Karenina in 1877. But in 1894, he wrote a fascinating book called The Kingdom of God Is within You. It contains a very … [Read more...]

Simply Joyful Podcast: Raising Kids with No Regrets with Rhonda Stoppe

We all need mentor moms in our life! This episode with Rhonda is cram-packed with awesome-ness. If you are a mom, YOU NEED to hear the wisdom & perspective that Rhonda shares! Seriously, I could not have picked a better way to end Season One of the podcast than with this amazing episode. Rhonda rocked my world in this conversation. She is the ultimate Titus 2 mentor mom. She not only brings perspective to motherhood, but shares practical advice that I know will help me in my p … [Read more...]

WWUTT: Kinds of False Prophecies?

Kinds of False PropheciesBeloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God for many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1) God has revealed His truth through His prophets and apostles who gave us the Bible. It is by that word we test all other words.Here are four kinds of false prophecies to look out for:The first is Bonkers – random, made-up nonsense like when Jennifer LeClair wrote about a squid spirit. There's no such s … [Read more...]

White Horse Inn: Creeds & Confessions

[display_podcast]For the last two thousand years the church has crystalized various summary statements about the Bible’s most important teachings into clear, short, and easy-to-memorize statements that outline the most crucial and non-negotiable aspects of the Christian faith.On this program the hosts will discuss the importance not only of affirming the substance of these creeds and confessions but also of making it a regular practice to recite them publicly during our weekly worship s … [Read more...]

BreakPoint: Opposing the Transgender Craze – How to Become a Scientific Heretic

Even if you’re one of the world’s leading psychiatrists, your expertise doesn’t matter if you question the new orthodoxy about sex and gender. Opposing the Transgender Craze - How to Become a Scientific Heretic [display_podcast]Galileo Galilei was an advocate of Copernicanism when Copernicanism wasn’t cool. Galileo, the father of experimental physics, was an early advocate for the scientific idea that the earth revolves around the sun, not the other way around.Church authorities, howeve … [Read more...]

Foreign Exchange Guest & Greg Hahn

[display_podcast]My family recently hosted a German teacher as part of an exchange program for three weeks. Not a foreign “student” exchange, but teacher. My wife is a teacher as well, so the two of them – my wife and Simone - have a lot to talk about.At first, I was very nervous about the whole affair. Three weeks is a long time for someone to stay at our home. Even my own sister can only last two days before she reaches her maximum tolerance and has to leave.But we were offered a lo … [Read more...]