Just War – How should Christians think about war? Augustine helped us approach this question from a Christian perspective. Read more

A New Year, A New Bible Reading Plan – We read our Bible to see glory, savor glory, be shaped into the image of the glory of God and show the glory so that God is magnified as we are satisfied in him. Read more

The Battles over Truth, State’s Rights, and Our Eyeballs – It turns out that even a society in a modern age that wants to escape the question of truth simply can’t. Read more

Questions on God and Gender, Eternal Life, and the Resurrection – Dr. William Lane Craig fields questions from Australia, Iran, and the U.S. Read more

Is Smoking Marijuana a Sin? Often, marijuana is compared to drinking alcohol or caffeine, but they are not the same. The whole point of marijuana is to alter the consciousness. Read more

The Iranian Protests and the Church – Bread, Freedom, and Faith – The protests currently shaking Iran have enormous implications for U.S. foreign policy—and for the global Church. Read more

Should Christians Make New Years Resolutions? Don’t be anxious about anything, but glorify everything you do, even when making changes in your life! Read more

A Catholic Cardinal, Evangelical Pastor and Jimmy Carter define Christianity plus New Years Resolutions – What does it mean to be a Christian? And Why resolutions fail? Read more

The True Beauty of Women – “I Will Do It for You, Baby” | You won’t believe what one lingerie company is doing to show what makes a woman truly beautiful. Read more

Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus | Gary Habermas, CJ Collins, J Warner Wallace, Sean McDowell, Paul Copan, and Jon Morrison discuss Christian apologetics Read more

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