School Circle 6: Discipline

[display_podcast]This week, Justin and Vince talk about discipline.For some people, it just comes natural to be disciplined in certain areas of their lives. For example, some people are born as readers and morning people. So, to get up early each morning and read their Bible is actually easy for them to accomplish. Those who are not so inclined might look at them and marvel at their discipline.For guys like Justin, he can be super disciplined when it comes to garage work and it is no … [Read more...]

The Summit Lecture Series: Making Sense of Your World with John Stonestreet, Part 6

To purchase the entire Summit Lecture Series, Vol. 1 on DVD, go to: most cultures, especially in the “ uncivilized cultures” the world has known, women were the sexual victims of men. If men wanted sex, they simply took it.However, the Jewish understanding of things put a context around sex... this context is called marriage. Now, I know this may seem odd by today’s standards, especially when we read in the Old Testament how a wife could be traded for seen cows… but neverthe … [Read more...]

I’m Waiting 22: Dealing with Peer Pressure

[display_podcast]Peer pressure probably has been around since the beginning of time.  Humans are basically social people and need to be around other people, at least part of the time.  That creates an environment for peer pressure to occur.Peer pressure is not isolated to teens.  Peer pressure happens in adults also.  Social media is no respecter of persons when it comes to peer pressure.  From moms seeing other moms raising their kids and feeling pressure to keep up, to guys seeing what … [Read more...]

Parent Like You Mean It 19: Guns, Gays & God

So, I logged onto my news feed yesterday and saw this headline:Pelosi: Hillary Struggling With White Men Because of ‘Guns, Gays and God’ Now, I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you right up front that I’ve never been a Nancy Pelosi fan.  My first instinct, upon seeing her name as the first word of the headline was to blow off the whole article… but then came the second word… and quickly behind it came the ninth, tenth and twelfth words. I was suddenly intrigued. In a nutshell, here is what … [Read more...]

WWUTT: The Bible Is True Because the Bible Says It’s True?

How can we know that the Bible really is God's word and it what it says is true?Well, first of all, because the Bible says so. Whoa! Hold the phone! The Bible is true because the Bible says it's true? That's a circular argument! Listen, it’s perfectly reasonable.If we said the Bible was something the Bible didn't say that would be a problem, wouldn’t it? But even on its own, the reasoning isn’t circular. The Bible is self-affirming. We use history to examine history, right?Well, lik … [Read more...]

Jesus in HD 168: Behold the Lamb

[display_podcast]There is a beautiful and breathtaking symmetry to the life and ministry of Jesus.Case in point, as you will hear in this PODCAST, here in John 12, the beloved disciple brings us full circle. You may not see that now. But trust me, you will by the time we conclude this discussion.Let me give you one tantalizing little hint: This beautiful symmetry to which I refer has little to do with palm branches, but everything to do with lambs.Now watch this: When John … [Read more...]