Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Religious Freedom, Lose on Appeal – Art in the Eye of the Beholder? The Court realized that making a cake for an event could definitely be speech, but they couldn’t allow this speech or those who made it to prevail, so it created a reason why they shouldn’t. Read more

Justin Dean, Former Communications Director of Mars Hill Church, Shares His Story, What He Is Doing Today and Hard Lessons About Church Communications Read more

Improving Your Observation Skills – We often have a superficial understanding of a Biblical passage because we rarely take the time to really observe what the text is saying. Read more

The Balance Between Pursuing Holiness and Resting in Grace – Jess Connolly discusses how to dance in the grace that we’ve been given, how to stand in our holiness, and how to run on the mission that God calls us to. Read more

Going Green – “Hey, we’re all on this planet together and we are all entitled to our own point of view. What… do you think your philosophy is better than a green-lovin’-recycle-fanatic-big-government-espousing-worshipper-of-nature? Huh?!” Yeah… pretty much. Read more

Neutrality is Supposed to Protect Religion Speech, Not Banish It – Our government should not promote a particular point of view, nor censor it, regardless of how religious it may be. Read more

Just War – How should Christians think about war? Augustine helped us approach this question from a Christian perspective. Read more

A New Year, A New Bible Reading Plan – We read our Bible to see glory, savor glory, be shaped into the image of the glory of God and show the glory so that God is magnified as we are satisfied in him. Read more

The Battles over Truth, State’s Rights, and Our Eyeballs – It turns out that even a society in a modern age that wants to escape the question of truth simply can’t. Read more

Questions on God and Gender, Eternal Life, and the Resurrection – Dr. William Lane Craig fields questions from Australia, Iran, and the U.S. Read more

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