The Iranian Protests and the Church – Bread, Freedom, and Faith – The protests currently shaking Iran have enormous implications for U.S. foreign policy—and for the global Church. Read more

Should Christians Make New Years Resolutions? Don’t be anxious about anything, but glorify everything you do, even when making changes in your life! Read more

A Catholic Cardinal, Evangelical Pastor and Jimmy Carter define Christianity plus New Years Resolutions – What does it mean to be a Christian? And Why resolutions fail? Read more

The True Beauty of Women – “I Will Do It for You, Baby” | You won’t believe what one lingerie company is doing to show what makes a woman truly beautiful. Read more

Best of 2017 With An Apologetics Focus | Gary Habermas, CJ Collins, J Warner Wallace, Sean McDowell, Paul Copan, and Jon Morrison discuss Christian apologetics Read more

Joy to The World! – One of the things right out of the gate with this song is how it focuses on not just joy to me and my personal experience, but joy to the world and “Let Earth receive her king!” Read more

Honoring the Heroes in Our Lives with Tara McClary Reeves | Her father is a Vietnam vet, and this is the story of her family’s journey after he came home with a patch and an artificial arm. Read more

Sometimes Prayer is Wanted and Sometimes It Is Needed – Jerry Boykin led his group of 100 Delta Force soldiers in prayer before saving hostages in 1980. Read more

Is Christmas Pagan? The Bible says nothing about Christmas; but at Christmas, some formerly pagan symbols have been Christianized to celebrate Jesus’ birth! Read more

Remembering Dr. R.C. Sproul – God is holy and we are not; and in between stands Jesus Christ and his perfect work of obedience in his atoning death Read more

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