Welcome to Comedy, Liberty and Justice for All! Comedian Brad Stine takes on hot button topics such as LGBTQ, Transgenderism, homeschooling and more! Read more

Surrounded by a Great Cloud of Witnesses | Dead Believers are not witnessing us, they witnessed to us through their faithful actions Read more

What if You Actually Do What the Bible Says? with Tricia Goyer | It’s being kind, gentle, and loving — the little things that are the daily steps of faith. Read more

Histories of local churches – Churches that are faithful to God’s Word and to proclaiming His Word, have histories that proclaim God’s faithfulness Read more

Keep Close to the Heart of Christmas – God took on a human nature so that He might die to destroy our enemies, deliver us from sin, and give us eternal life Read more

Our Silly Obsession with Pop Stars’ Politics – If we can’t figure out a better source for political insights than Taylor Swift, we’re in trouble, trouble… Read more

Tim Maudlin’s Interesting View of Time – The renowned philosopher takes a more traditional view of time, which is evidence of a transcendent Creator Read more

Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone? It’s a nice story, but it doesn’t belong in the Bible. The best story of love & forgiveness is at the cross. Read more

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel – A look at the theology of this classic hymn as we begin a new series on “The Meaning of Christmas” Read more

An Unorthodox Train Wreck! John Ruhlam shares his story of growing up a PK, becoming a fifth generation pastor and landing in jail with a meth addiction. Read more

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