Congressional Moral Mayhem and Pope Francis’ Lord’s Prayer Retranslation – Al Mohler discusses Al Franken, Trent Franks and the Pope’s view of temptation Read more

Unorthodox Treasure – An Interview with Alan Johnson | You are NEVER beyond God’s grasp! God wants to help you celebrate, just keep going after God! Read more

Court Finds County Seal Unconstitutional Because of Cross – we can only hope an appeal will change the courts’ mechanism regarding constitutional scrutiny Read more

Ireland’s Leftward Shift, Euthanasia in Australia & Millennial Belief Vacuum is Revealed – Albert Mohler discusses today’s news from the Christian worldview Read more

Interview with a Women’s Restroom (Transgenderism) – Comedian Thor Ramsey interviews a Ladies Restroom to discover truth regarding transgender bathroom laws Read more

Shakespeare’s Bible – Among the many fascinating things in Shakespeare’s plays, you will also find many references to the Bible. Read more

Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt – The Christian hip hop artist shares his story of coming to Jesus, walking away, and coming back to rock God’s kingdom! Read more

Does God Decree Events He Doesn’t Want to Happen? God’s decree and His desire are in perfect harmony, this is part of Him being sovereign and loving. Read more

Because You Are Neither Hot Nor Cold? If you cling to this world instead of Christ, Jesus will spit your name out of his mouth on Judgment Day. Read more

Egypt’s Mosque Attack Theology, Robert Mugabe & Secularizing Thanksgiving – Albert Mohler discusses today’s headlines from a Christian worldview Read more

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