Unorthodox Words with Jeremiah Dirt – The Christian hip hop artist shares his story of coming to Jesus, walking away, and coming back to rock God’s kingdom! Read more

Does God Decree Events He Doesn’t Want to Happen? God’s decree and His desire are in perfect harmony, this is part of Him being sovereign and loving. Read more

Because You Are Neither Hot Nor Cold? If you cling to this world instead of Christ, Jesus will spit your name out of his mouth on Judgment Day. Read more

Egypt’s Mosque Attack Theology, Robert Mugabe & Secularizing Thanksgiving – Albert Mohler discusses today’s headlines from a Christian worldview Read more

Christianity & Liberalism – A modern, non-redemptive religion called “liberalism” conflicts with the great redemptive religion of Christianity Read more

Faith Over Fear: Overcoming Anxiety – Rachel Swanson shares Biblical advice on dealing with the hardships and pressures of Christian parenting Read more

Scandals, Politics and Faith – In Whom Do We Trust? Our leaders should demonstrate virtue and integrity in their personal as well as public lives. Read more

Tim Maudlin’s Interesting View of Time – the renowned philosopher takes a more traditional view of time, known as the tensed theory of time Read more

Unorthodox Thankfulness – If we focus on being grateful for what we have then we won’t get so disappointed by what we don’t have Read more

Historic Churches Deserve Repairs Too – If VT spends taxpayer dollars on other historic buildings, it cannot refuse funding for an historic church building Read more

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