Brad Stine Has Issues: Masks to Cover Your Shame

Brad Stine Has Issues: Masks to Cover Your Shame September 1, 2021

Masks to Cover Your Shame

Welcome to the New America. Dubbed ‘God’s Comic’ by the New Yorker, for 16-years, Brad Stine has been the comedic trailblazer of politically incorrect, Christian and Conservative comedy. His new show, ‘Brad Stine Has Issues’, covers cultural issues with his signature brand of comedic sarcasm and satire with insight that will be appreciated by everyone who loves laughter, liberty, and the freedom to tell the truth without fear.

 During this coronavirus crisis, if you’ve seen people who refuse to wear a mask, how do you think they should be treated?

Who would have thought well over a year ago that wearing or not wearing masks would become just another wonderful opportunity for Americans to become divided? 

As a Christian, I have had a bit of experience on this subject that most of mainstream America have not. I grew up hearing from some Christians that celebrating Halloween was tantamount to worshipping the devil. First of all, if I’m wearing a mask how does the devil know it’s me?

Because, to perform halloween right you need to wear a mask. Not to keep yourself and others from dying, of course, by spreading a disease you don’t have. But instead, while a child, to have the fun of dressing up as your favorite superhero or, years later, to keep you from being recognized when you were still trick-or-treating at age 16. 

But the simple reason masks were invented in the first place is so you wouldn’t be recognized as being you. Their purpose is to hide your face and to become someone or something else. More times than not, that person you became was the opposite of who you actually were: a monster, a vampire or a zombie… or it was someone you wanted to be like Superman, Hulk, or Gordon Ramsey. But one thing was certain when it came to wearing a mask: You, the real you, was going to be hidden and concealed. Thus it gave you a license to be bad or evil or devious and no one was the wiser. Plus, you weren’t responsible for the actions of this new creature. The hiding of your true persona wrapped in a package friends were familiar with could be laid aside without repercussions and the real you – or at least a part of who you are on the inside – could be released. This also allowed you to go to costume parties where everyone there was someone else. And, unless they had no mask, nobody really knew who anyone else was. As a matter of fact, if you went as yourself you weren’t doing it right. 

The whole point of a costume party is to conform to the masses. You choose to come here knowing that to fit in, you have to conform. But so what? What’s the big deal choosing to look and behave like someone you’re not? Especially because it’s just for a little while and everyone else is doing it. That’s the interesting thing with “everyone else is doing it”. The more everyone else conforms to the established rules, the more those that don’t stick out like a sore thumb. 

But another dynamic seems to crop up then: To not conform, to not play by the rules begins to mark you as – at best – a party pooper, and at worst someone who is ruining it for everyone else. 

We had this nice party all planned and everyone was participating… but not you! Why don’t you either wear your mask or don’t come to the party? 

What’s weird is what makes everyone else uncomfortable is you chose to come as yourself. 

I mean seriously, is it that difficult to put on an eye patch or a clown wig? If you don’t want to participate, no problem. But just don’t come. 

After all it is a costume party. You kind of accepted the premise by showing up. 

Which brings me to an interesting cultural phenomenon we have all dealt with growing up. One of the phrases always tossed around to try to empower individuals, especially at a young age, was the phrase, “Be yourself”. Don’t worry what others think about you. If someone insults or ridicules you for being different, well that’s their problem. You don’t have to apologize for being yourself. As a matter of fact, how many movies have been made that are usually described as “coming of age” stories that virtually always feature an outcast that is mocked and bullied at school? Who simply doesn’t fit in, that is, until the popular kid somehow sees the wonderful unique spirit the non-conformist possesses and actually starts falling in love with her or him. 

Of course, this never actually happens in real time. It’s a film designed around a myth that is somehow supposed to inspire all of us to accept people exactly the way they are. That concept then is distributed within actual culture and we have watched in the last number of years how much we are commanded to admire the courageous kid that comes out to his/her parents or friends… or wears goth makeup or plays the ukulele or simply refuses to accept the norms of society and for their courage we are all supposed to be inspired. 

I must say that I am impressed by people who march to their own drum and could care less what others thought of them. As a matter of fact, that used to be what I admired most about gay people in America, and I have known many. They used to act and behave flamboyantly against all cultural conventions and they flaunted it. Their motto was “I am a freak and I love it”. 

You see, that was when it was actually brave. When the culture didn’t accept you and it might cost you a job, or friends, or fitting in, and they absolutely were unphased. I truly admire courageous people irrespective of whether I agreed with their choices. 

So, my question to you is: If this type of maverick behavior has traditionally been a source of inspiration, then why all the fuss over those who choose not to wear masks in public? 

I know the easy go-to line. You will say that anti-maskers are endangering the lives of others, which is different than just going against the cultural grain. 

But the truth of the matter is no matter who or why anyone chooses to behave outside societal norms, others are being affected. If we, as a culture, believe that we are forbidden to set standards of morality that cultures have established for millennia, then that means there will come a time where those that want to practice their religious beliefs that always contain moral absolutes will be taken to task and eventually told that they are bigots and intolerant simply because they chose to live their lives differently than the hedonists or nihilistic materialists who don’t believe in moral standards. 

The masks that have been enforced for well over a year now and have been utilized by far by the majority of humanity simply have not stopped the spread of the coronavirus. Data has been manipulated, businesses have been closed forever, homes have been lost, suicides have been up, dignity has been stripped, and shame and the communist approach to spying and turning in of lawbreakers by fellow Americans that only a year ago would never have imagined themselves becoming what the Nazi’s and communists were is startling. Especially the ease by which Americans have conformed and literally handed their liberties away without so much as an inquiry as to a more productive way to approach this issue is mind boggling. 

The coronavirus is real. A number of people have died from it worldwide. The majority of people, on the other hand, have either 1) not caught it; 2) had it and never knew; 3) had it, suffered some minor symptoms and got through it; 4) had it and suffered major symptoms and still survived. 

Based on what we now know, if every human on earth stopped wearing masks, opened their businesses and went back to work, the world would return to normalcy and we would be able to be humans again. 

Yes, some more would die, but that is the fee mandated for those who want to live like dignified, free human beings. It comes with a sacrifice and risk. 

I never wore a mask. I got sick and had five days of an aching body. I did not get tested but am certain I had the virus. I also told my family if I died, please remember I am ok with it. I died a free man who didn’t talk a good game. I lived it. 

Many have gone before me and risked and sacrificed their lives so I could live free these many years. It was my turn this time. 

We tried for a year to protect the sick and potential sick. Could it be it’s their turn to sacrifice for the healthy now? 

So, what’s it gonna be, people? Are you ready to swim upstream, risk alienation and ridicule so you can end the story being shown to be the truly brave and honorable one? Don’t wait for others to lead the way. If there is one huge revelation in all this, it’s the sad reality that America is absolutely and fully populated by cowards. If this is who we are when it gets tough we aren’t in trouble. We are dead!!

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