Experience God 76: Matthew 26:36-39, “God’s will not mine”

Experience God 76: Matthew 26:36-39, “God’s will not mine” October 17, 2014


Suzanne Lederer leads us in connecting with God through Lectio Divina.

Matthew 26:36-39 (Jesus in Gethsemane)

36 Then Jesus went with them to the olive grove called Gethsemane, and he said, “Sit here while I go over there to pray.” 37 He took Peter and Zebedee’s two sons, James and John, and he became anguished and distressed. 38 He told them, “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me.”

39 He went on a little farther and bowed with his face to the ground, praying, “My Father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine.”

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