Reflections of Grace 66: Life Purpose Coaching – Do We Walk in His Glory?

Reflections of Grace 66: Life Purpose Coaching – Do We Walk in His Glory? January 29, 2015

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From Certified Life Coach Dixie Diamanti, Author of Climbing Out of the Box and Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover:

I have decided in the here and now to begin to embrace my dreams; Even when I am still living by faith with no end in sight of my ever changing life.

I have jumped out of the plane and am free falling until He says to pull the lever.

It doesn’t feel like I am being tested so much anymore because I have accepted this new way of living. I continue to trust that He has a plan… so now I can dream.

I believe we are in an accelerated time in the spiritual realm.

I believe if you have His power residing within you then you are dangerous to the enemy.

I am part of an army. The enemy sees my potential. He sees your potential too!!

My dreams are dangerous to the enemy. He knows that my life has God ordained destiny. I embrace God’s full purposes for my life. I am a powerful weapon to defeat Satan and bring freedom to many because of His power that I enshroud myself in.

I am on an adventure with God.

In the past it has been my fear that I would wind up seeking only what is safe.

I value comfort and security. Who doesn’t?

But sometimes what I called security was insecurity and mundane. God loves it when we take risks and know the exhilaration of dreaming big for Him.

Our potential is unlimited. We are the ones to limit ourselves. He has prepared us for this hour of great adventure and romance with Him, and to realize what our role is during this critical time in history.

I want to be a carrier of His glory, a living flame of fire. Every place I go I want to bring Jesus with me and the power of His resurrection. And that is just what I do.

It is possible you know. The world is falling apart, but we who are wise will recognize the times and rise up as His messengers of hope and unlimited potential!

“We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

The glory, the treasure in us, is the Lord. We are weak vessels and yet the fire of God resides in us.

Look inside yourself today my friends. How much fire is radiating in your life for Him? Do you bring light into the darkness of your world?

As a Life Coach I encounter many issues in lives of my clients. But the one thing I have come to notice every time that it always goes back to is this:

When we are in pain and stuck we many times will seek to embrace anything available that will make us feel better, again and again…

Only to come up still empty.

We just don’t want to feel pain. We try to fill ourselves with everything—people, food, work, ministry, anything–but the only One who can truly fill our every longing….and the hole in our hearts.

In our terror of vulnerability we become controllers. We tuck our true selves away behind walls of control. Sometimes we keep things shallow and safe, but in doing so we long even more for a joy we don’t feel and can’t seem to attain, because the control we walk in so carefully robs us of deep relational encounters with God or man.

Do you want an exciting life of adventure with God in these troubling times? Are you tired of complacently sitting there night after night listening to the news and going to bed fearful of what is going to happen? Ask God for adventure and surrender your life to Him and let go of control. Ask Him to show you what His plan is for your life. He does have a plan for you as He is not a respecter of persons. It’s just that we don’t all surrender to it.

Our fear of depending fully on Christ may also stem from not realizing that he thoroughly enjoys us. He has no desire to erase our uniqueness and turn us into clones. Certainly, the Christian life is no promise of smooth sailing and easy circumstances. But it’s important to know that we’ve been rebuilt to display God. “Christ through us” lies within our comfort zones. We’re made for expression of him, and anything else is unnatural and uncomfortable for us…

God won’t make us do things we don’t want to do… We’ll genuinely want what God wants. If it’s not placed on our hearts, it’s not of him… He’s placed Christ’s desires within us, and we’re only satisfied as we fulfill them… Although some may end up changing their vocation or the place they live, most of God’s children are intended for a setting they already know.

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