Christian Home & Family: How To Get Started With Family Devotions

Christian Home & Family: How To Get Started With Family Devotions March 5, 2015

Christian Home and Family

From Carey Green, author, blogger, speaker, coach and pastor:

How to begin your own family devotions:


  • Family devotions are intended to facilitate heart-level spiritual growth. They are not just about getting more knowledge into your head (or the heads of your kids). So your goal in devotions should never be to teach your kids to be perfect little theologians, having all the answers to every questoion, or applying religious formulas for a happy day/life.
  • Family devotions are aboutrelationship – between each member of your family and God. Your family devotionals are for the purpose of pointing every one of you, every day, toward God and His purpose for your lives.

That can be done at breakfast, before bed, after dinner – or all of the above. You pick and be consistent.


  1. Be real
  • From your real-life experience (no fakers allowed). You need to demonstrate what an authentic relationship with God looks like, warts, mistakes, and all.
  • Be who you are. Don’t get over enthused about family devotions just because you want your kids to be excited. Be who you are and let God lead you in the enthusiasm part.
  1. Use your Bible
  • When you pick up the scriptures, your demonstrating that there’s something of value between the covers of that book.
  • Makes the scriptures an authority to your kids, not just an irrelevant old book.
  1. Be flexible
  • Stuff will happen. Phones will ring, burps will happen in the midst of prayers, readers will mispronounce words as they read the scriptures. Roll with it. God is sovereign over all those things and will use them
  1. Trust God to use every effort.

Remember that God is in control, and He wants your family close to Him, more than you want them close to Him. He’ll handle it. You need to let Him lead.

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