E3 Expedition Podcast 29: Obey and Watch the Blessings Rain Down

E3 Expedition Podcast 29: Obey and Watch the Blessings Rain Down March 11, 2015

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Every week, we share stories about the amazing ways God is at work around the world. We hope that you’ll be encouraged by these stories and inspired to greater involvement in God’s Great Commission to go out to the world – near and far – and train, instruct, and baptize people in Jesus’ Name. This week, we hear from Erin who has an excellent testimony of how the Lord moved her to going on an Expedition:

To tell you the truth, I had been ignoring God’s prodding for years. I believe that He had been telling me that He wanted me to go and serve Him for years, but instead of going, I made excuses. I have five kids, so I’ve always had a small child at home; I’m really busy volunteering at my church; I have a hard-working husband who has a big job; I have a lot of family who seems to always have something going on that needs me to tend to it. The list goes on and on.

Then I heard Him say, “GO!” (in capital letters, this time).

So, out of obedience, I signed up for a short-term missions trip to Ethiopia. And, after my obedience, God provided. He provided more than enough money for the trip. He provided more than enough people to watch my children – friends and family who would love and care for them while I was away. He provided extra time for my husband so that he could still work and fill in the gaps. He provided abundantly!

All it took was that first step of obedience.

Within hours of arriving in Ethiopia, I was filled with a God-given love for this country and her people. It then became clear that God wasn’t calling me simply for one trip, but that this was going to change my life as I knew it. The need and poverty level there is just devastating. And, as I traveled throughout the country, I found myself having a continual conversation with God, where I kept pleading, “God, this is so horrible here. Do something about this!”

He answered, “I am doing something… I am sending you.”

I noticed that He didn’t say, “I sent you.” He said, “I am sending you.”

And every time I heard this, I would remind Him of all thing things that made this impossible: my kids, my husband, my responsibilities…

Over the next several days, He reminded me that if I only remain obedient, He would satisfy all my needs – even a donkey cart to ride on while in country. So, it became my utter joy to say, “Yes, Lord. I will obey. Please send me!”

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