Reflections of Grace 82: Life Purpose Coaching part 18 – Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

Reflections of Grace 82: Life Purpose Coaching part 18 – Engaging in Spiritual Warfare May 21, 2015

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From Certified Life Coach Dixie Diamanti, Author of Climbing Out of the Box and Fifty Ways to Meet Your Lover:

Sometimes, God allows us to see into the spirit realm.  It is called Discerning of Spirits.   (1John 4)   When we were in the process of losing our house the day the house went on the auction block, I saw cars going up and down our street circling my house about an hour before it was to be auctioned.   I was very troubled in my spirit and overcome with dread.  In my spirit I saw myself standing on the roof of my house in the middle of the ocean and sharks were circling me.  They were getting closer and closer and I was struck with terror and this horrible feeling of being swallowed up.    As I prayed and began to do spiritual warfare I saw huge angels on top of the house with pulled swords.  They were fighting off demons that were propelling at them with lightening speed right and left.  It was like they were circling for the kill and they were trying desperately to destroy all we held dear.   I knew something huge was going on in the Heavenlies on our behalf.  I also knew God was right on it and knew every detail of what was happening.  I actually saw in my spirit the angels of warfare.

  • I feel compelled to address the fact that sometimes we become complacent to his wiles.  We forget that he is constantly assaulting the ones who are a threat to his kingdom.  In other words, he is after the church, to cripple and defeat.  You have an enemy, folks.  He is trying to steal your freedom, kill your heart, and destroy your life.   There are so many within the churches that simply are not enjoying that abundant life of the kingdom Jesus talks about.  To live in ignorance of spiritual warfare is the most dangerous thing a person can do.  It is like swimming with killer whales with a black wet suit on.
  • You don’t escape spiritual warfare simply because you choose to stick your head in the sand.   With a lot of people it is the fact that they just don’t know if their prayers work, so it is easier to ignore it, until he attacks.  John 10 reminds us that the thief (Satan) is trying to steal the life God wants to give you.  It is either ignore it and live a defeated life, or realize who you are in Christ and the power that is yours to use to fight the fight, through what He accomplished at the cross.
  • My husband, Greg, is getting ready to go to a men’s spiritual retreat in the mountains.  The leader of the retreat sent out a letter to all the men that included a prayer of warfare for them to pray every day until they go on the retreat.  He said that the enemy will try every way in the book to prevent them from coming to a place that will set them free from strongholds in their life.  He said to fight the fight and know that your enemy can’t prevent you from coming unless you allow him to.   It is coming up soon and already we have felt some of the attack… so he continues to pray the prayer of faith.

Today I was to do a radio interview with a large ministry on the east coast of the US, (I am on the west coast).   When we tried to connect, the phone lines began to act weird.  After repeated times of hanging up and re-calling we finally had to give it up and reschedule.  She said that never happens.    My belief is that whatever we were going to discuss, Satan didn’t want it to happen.  That makes me excited to do the interview next week because God is going to do great things in the lives of those who listen in.  But I shall do warfare before the radio meeting.

  • Satan is called in scripture the father of lies.  The truth is not in him at all.  Everything he says to us is a lie.    Just like in the Garden of Eden when he deceived Eve with his cunning, he is hoping you will buy into whatever he is saying or offering you.   He constantly attacks our minds with negative, faith crushing thoughts, hoping we will begin to agree with him; that yes, we are defeated, and we become consumed with fear.  “You are bad; you are weak; you are ugly; you will never succeed; you will lose your house; your kids are stupid”; where your weaknesses lie is where he will attack in your thoughts.   We must not ever agree with him.    Because we do not live as if we are at war many times we just assume these thoughts are our own… and then they give way to bone crushing fear.  Where two agree on a matter faith is moving it shall be given unto us.  That works both ways.  If you agree with God, no matter what it looks like, He is there to protect you.  But if you agree with Satan by speaking out what he is telling you then watch for the fear and terror to hit you.
  • If it steals, kills, or destroys you can know where it is coming from.  If it gives you life and joy then you know it is from God.  When we make agreements with demonic forces suggesting things to us, we come under their influence.   We give permission to our enemy to move in with force.  Anxiety attacks are rampant these days.  Depression is too.  Jesus wants so much more for us; as a matter of fact He has already given us all we need to stand firm and fight this fight.
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