First Liberty Briefing: Company Discriminates Against Woman’s Religious Beliefs

First Liberty Briefing: Company Discriminates Against Woman’s Religious Beliefs January 4, 2017

The Akebono Brake Corportaion hired Clintoria Burnett in 2014 to fulfill the job of Washer Inspector. But when her religious beliefs prohibit her from wearing pants, the company sought to withdraw their offer of employment.

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The Akebono Brake Corporation hired Clintoria Burnett in 2014 at one of its South Carolina automotive brake manufacturing locations as a temporary worker. Burnett is adherent to the Apostolic Faith Church of God and True Holiness. Her faith requires that you cannot wear pants; and even since she was a small child, she has worn only skirts and dresses. When Burnett received the offer for the job of Washer Inspector, she was wearing an ankle length skirt. When she was told that she would have wear pants to perform her job, the company withdrew their offer of employment.

According to the complaint filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the company failed to engage in any form of interactive process regarding a religious accommodation for Burnett and failed to consider any potential accommodation of Burnett’s religious believes.Company Discriminates Against Woman’s Religious Beliefs

Once an employer knows of employee’s religion, it is required by law to at least make an effort to accommodate or demonstrate why such an accommodation work an undue hardship on the business. Companies often have difficulty staffing positions and safety regulations can make that task even more difficult. Yet, it is vital that companies maintain our national commitment to religious liberty and human dignity by at least trying to find a way to accommodate an employee’s religious liberty at the jobsite.

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