Unorthodox Childhood: An Interview with Hayden Feindel

Unorthodox Childhood: An Interview with Hayden Feindel August 22, 2017

Unorthodox Childhood: An Interview with Hayden Feindel

This week, I get to sit down with a friend of mine whom I’ve known most of his life – Hayden Feindel. Hayden grew up with a strong, gifted, resilient single mom who raised five boys and a daughter to be just as strong and resilient! As a boy, Hayden’s biggest dream was to be a professional athlete… to be part of a championship team… and integral part of something that is much greater than himself.

Yet, as he threw one interception after another, Hayden realized – quite humbly – that “pro athlete” would never be on his business cards.

But, that has never stopped him from becoming part of something bigger than himself. That didn’t stunt his desire to redeem himself and his family from the pain that was inflicted upon them nor his drive to strive for impacting the world!

Here are a few of the things Hayden and I discuss:Unorthodox Childhood: An Interview with Hayden Feindel

  • Growing up with a crazy older brother who questioned his faith.
  • Learned to ask the right people the right questions in order to grow
  • Hayden’s mom started dating a new guy who soon became Dad
  • Everyone was excited to have the “super fun and cool new dad”!
  • New dad took an interest in Hayden… and boundaries were crossed
  • Hayden felt guilty that everyone loved dad, but dad was abusing him
  • Hayden’s confusion regarding “This is what a Christian Man” does
  • Dealing with the fall out of secrets coming to light
  • Deciding to take pain and darkness and walking in the light
  • Advice for others dealing with past painful secrets
  • Key 1) Find someone you trust
  • Key 2) Be honest
  • Hayden’s advice for guys who feel they can’t share or be themselves
  • Don’t go to “that” church… be sure to find a church where grace and mercy are Biblically understood and lived out.

This is just part of Hayden’s story. You’ve got to listen to what God has done throughout his life to mold him into the man he is today… a man who loves living for God!

As Haden says, “The first step is honesty; we can’t have freedom unless we have honesty”.

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