Relational Toolshed: Overcoming Adversity Through Empowerment with Jasmine Henderson

Relational Toolshed: Overcoming Adversity Through Empowerment with Jasmine Henderson September 5, 2017

Overcoming Adversity Through Empowerment with Jasmine Henderson

This week in the “Shed” is our tool of the week – Jasmine Henderson.

Overcoming Adversity Through Empowerment with Jasmine HendersonA former professional soccer player, author, and current world record holder & motivational speaker, Jasmine Henderson is running with purpose! Born and raised in an inter-racial home in Los Angeles, Jasmine has a unique perspective and eclectic background. Like the generations before her, she has a heart for God and a heart for people. Her career in soccer has allowed her to experience and gain a high level of leadership and motivational skills that transcend into all areas of life. Jasmine’s most life-changing adventure was her journey from virgin into single motherhood at 25. It not only led her to write her first book, A Broken Vow, but also was a fan to the flame of her burning desire to empower herself and empower women. Through it all, Jasmine has experienced the power and importance of impeccable role-models in life, encouragers and authentic community. She dedicates her life to being the best beautiful woman she can be and to shine her light for all to see!

Jasmine was recently part of world record breaking event hosted by Equal Playing Field, where 28 women from over 20 countries played a full soccer game in a crater on Mt. Kilimanjaro…at the highest altitude any soccer game has ever been played! Crazy!

In this episode we discuss Jasmine’s role as a motivational speaker and specifically how her stories of having “the bottom drop out” on her throughout life has allowed her to experience tangible tools that strengthen her to overcome any adversity that life has thrown at her.

Jasmine has a unique voice and empathy toward women and single mothers who struggle (like all of us) at times to find the strength to continue to press forward in life. Her energy is contagious and her stories of failure, loss, and heartbreak in this episode will infuse you with hope, courage and renewed confidence.

We also discuss specific tools for making it through life’s hardest seasons and how she specifically calls young women into a life of passion and purpose.

This episode is loaded with tools we hope equip you to build stronger relationships. Hope you enjoy!

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