Unorthodox Prison Time: An Interview with Meezilini Tha Messenger

Unorthodox Prison Time: An Interview with Meezilini Tha Messenger October 18, 2017

Unorthodox Prison Time: An Interview with Meezilini Tha Messenger

How does a teenage, gang-banging pimp transform into someone who seeks God, takes to the streets, preaches God’s Word, and reaching the lost? A better question might be: How did Mark Miles Jr. become Meezilini Tha Messenger? We discover the answers to both of these questions and much more in this week’s episode, where I get to chat with the man himself: Meezilini!

Here are a few of the things Meezilini tha Messenger and I discuss:Unorthodox Prison Time: An Interview with Meezilini Tha Messenger

  • He was born & raised in Portland, Oregon
  • At age 14, he started gang banging with the Crips
  • At 18-years-old, he was sent to federal prison
  • After prison, he started pimping
  • Then, he got locked up for pimping
  • That time, while in prison, his soul was saved
  • That’s when he got started in Hip Hop
  • First stint in prison, he met Big Smurf – a big time gangster with ties in the local Hip Hop scene
  • Big Smurf heard him rapping at lunch and wanted to sign him… if they made it out of prison
  • Once they got out, the hip hop scene led to more criminal action
  • Getting locked up the second time, he still planned on coming back to do more Hip Hop and planned on using the crime and controversy to get people listening to him
  • God found him in prison
  • He was running his own crew in prison
  • But ,then he moved to a “100% Believer”
  • A friend told him, “Seek God and God will show up!”
  • So, he started praying… and things started changing
  • Through apologetics, he truly started to understand who Jesus is and committed his life to Jesus and felt the true change of Jesus’ love
  • When he got out of prison, he started his Facebook ministry
  • …And his life change continued!
  • His current ministry: Bossed Up Turf Missionaries – going into the streets, preaching the Word, and reaching the lost!

This is just part of Meezilini’s story. You’ve got to listen to what God has done throughout his life to transform him into a soldier for God’s kingdom.

Check out even more from Meezilini by following him all over social media:

Meezilini Tha Messenger on Facebook, @MeeziliniThaMessenger on Instagram, @Meezilini on Twitter, and of course, his ministry’s website:

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