Simply Joyful Podcast: Discovering God’s Grace through the Seasons with Ruth Simons

Simply Joyful Podcast: Discovering God’s Grace through the Seasons with Ruth Simons November 9, 2017

Discovering God’s Grace through the Seasons

This episode is going to be so fun! Today on the episode we have Ruth Simons—the woman behind Gracelaced. She has a very large Instagram following and is best known for her artwork. I have been so blessed going through her new book Gracelaced: Discovering Timeless Truths Through Seasons of the Heart. When I first got it, I really didn’t want to use it because it was so stunning. But when I started going through the devotional, I was blown away. Not only is she an amazing artist, she’s a spectacular writer! What makes this devotional so special is the gorgeous artwork on the pages. There really is something about beauty that is so inspiring — and makes you want to get into the Word.

Discovering God's Grace through the SeasonsIf you are not familiar with Gracelaced or Ruth, she is an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and speaker. As the creator of the popular GraceLaced online shop, blog, and Instagram community, she shares scriptural truths daily through her hand-painted artwork and words. Ruth and her husband, Troy, live in New Mexico and are grateful parents to six sons—their greatest adventure.

If you are a fan of Gracelaced, you are going to go wild about this episode! We chat a lot about behind the scenes of Gracelaced, how she got started, and what God did that brought around this ministry and business.

Get ready for a really encouraging interview with Ruth Simons!

 I cannot wait for you to hear this episode!

On a “Simply” & “Joyful” side note…

Ruth says schedule nothing. Make time on your schedule where there is nothing planned—I promise that it will be filled with the right things.

Get ready for a great interview — get a copy of Gracelaced HERE and get your own Simply Joyful Podcast mug HERE!

Highlights from This Show…

  • Gracelaced started off as a blog when Ruth was trying to figure out how the gospel correlated with her day-to-day life.

I mentioned the Steadfast Love art work that I purchased from Ruth’s shop. You can order your copy here.

God’s faithfulness in the seen and unseen in our lives really play a part of where I am today. —Ruth Simons

We’re in the business of directing hearts to Christ. —Ruth Simons (CLICK TO TWEET)

We need to have His words at a glance—in our homes, in our work place. —Kristi Clover

  • Ruth shares a little bit about how she started pursuing selling her art, and continues sharing what inspires her artwork.

I’m inspired by the beauty of God’s creation. —Ruth Simons

God is at work in the sunset as well as the tiniest bloom. —Ruth Simons

  • Ruth explains a little bit about how Gracelaced (the book) is set up, and why she chose to set it up by seasons.

To stand firm, to obey, to walk in faith, all comes from right believing. —Ruth Simons

It all starts with the character of God. —Ruth Simons

  • I ask Ruth to share some tips for parents going through a weary season.

It’s not a project with a completion date. —Ruth Simons (CLICK TO TWEET)

#MotherhoodIsSanctifying hashtag  came from me thinking I am blessed in this very circumstance.
—Ruth Simons

God’s not done with our kids, but God’s not done with us either. —Kristi Clover

How are they [your kids] going to see the gospel right now. —Ruth Simons

  • Ruth shares about all the many art elements that went into creatingGracelaced book — there was TONS!

I basically did two books. I wrote the book then I painted the book. —Ruth Simons

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Connect with Ruth Simons…

Ruth Chou Simons is an artist, writer, entrepreneur, and speaker who shares her journey of how God’s grace intersects daily life through word and brush at – the popular blog, online shoppe, and Instagram community that welcomes thousands daily.

Ruth is an unlikely mom to six young boys and wife to Troy, with whom she leads GraceLaced’s small but mighty team. When not painting, writing, and casting vision for, Ruth is usually busy eating chips and salsa, sorting laundry, cooking for large crowds, not finishing her sentences, and discovering off-beaten paths in the wild with her guys. She is a devotee of pho, a recovering perfectionist, a converted four-wheeling enthusiast, and a believer in waiting upon her Redeemer through every season.

You can check out Ruth’s books HERE on Amazon! Be sure to visit her site as well at

Thank you, Rend Collective for allowing me to use your incredible song “The Joy of the Lord is My Strength”!

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