Relational Toolshed – What Else?

Relational Toolshed – What Else? December 22, 2017

Season 1 Finale: What Else?

What Else?This week in the shed you are stuck with the biggest tool in the shed, Tim. As the host of Relational Toolshed, Tim hosts himself to do a little season finale and recap of season #1 as well as a sneak preview of what’s to come in Season 2 and a few surprises in the meantime (Jay Pathak & Keith Galloway episodes). Additionally, Tim shares how some of these tools have impacted him and a few that have stuck out specifically in his life. If you missed any of the prior episodes, now is a chance to go back and catch up on what you missed. Below is a list of all 20 of the first season episodes and tools that were discussed:

  1. Peek Inside The Toolshed – What’s this show all about? – Tim Parlier, Host
  2. Activating Your Gifts –Peyton Jones, author/pastor/ninja
  3. Life Giving Conversations –Jeff Galley, author/leader/coach
  4. Guiding Discovery of Passions – Scott Schimmel, CEO of YouSchool
  5. Resolving Conflict Through Questions – Keith Webb, Founder of Creative Results Management
  6. Providing Good Everyday Counsel – Charlie Ruce, MFT, Director of Soul Care House
  7. What & How Do We Grieve – David Achata, author & director of coaching at Achata Coaching
  8. Balancing Work & Play – Roy Inzunza, Chaplain Hoehn Motors
  9. Gang Affiliated to Urban Advocate – Carlos Nicasio, Founder of Concrete & Canvas
  10. Anxiety, Eating, & Escapism – Melissa McCormick, MFT at Essentia
  11. Creating Safety in Crisis Situations – Leslie Salazar Carrillo, Executive Director of Pregnancy Resource Center Vista
  12. Inside The Teenage Mind – Teen Panel
  13. Parenting Teens Better– Scott Schimmel, YouSchool
  14. Motivating People without Bribery – Rick Chromey, author, educator, & founder of MANNA! Educational Services
  15. Overcoming Adversity through Empowerment – Jasmine Henderson, Founder of Jasmine Empowers (Part 1 & 2)
  16. Growing Leaders in a New World – Andrew McPeak, author & millennial speaker at Growing Leaders
  17. The Art of Hospitality & Story Telling – Jean Luc Tshishimbi, international motivator
  18. The Enneagram in Relationships – Charlie Ruce, Soul Care House Director, MFT
  19. Navigating Blended Family Dynamics – Rich Nicolosi, lead guide at Blended Family Fellowship

Lastly, Tim didn’t want to leave us empty handed so he closes the show by explaining a simple tool that helps build relationships and take everyday conversations deeper. The tool is simply the question, “What else?” “What else?” is a question that can transition any conversation potentially into a much more significant and meaningful interaction. For example, when you’re having breakfast with an old friend and you’ve been mainly doing “small talk”, often times the blanket questions “What else?” allows for the conversation to take a turn to possibly something more significant happening in someone’s life. Often we don’t want to be the “bearer of bad news” or the “buzzkill” so we don’t want to share what’s REALLY going on in our lives until someone asks us…so the question “What else?” allows for someone to share the deeper things happening in their life. It also helps the recipient of the question to take a reflective posture and think about their life and whatever significant things are happening that are worth sharing. This question is simple and profound and if used often can lead you to places internally that people have never invited or taken you before! Try it out! “Hey what else is going on?” “So what else has been significant lately?” or just “What else?” and when they ask you “What do you mean?” you respond simply, “I dunno, what else is important or happening or are you planning lately?” Go for it.

We hope you pick up these tools and put them to work in your relationships!

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