The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week: John MacArthur

The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week: John MacArthur March 28, 2019

John MacArthur

Who nailed it this week? Last week it was a humble Pastor from Africa, but this week it’s a famous mega-church pastor from California, explaining to a Jewish internet super-star why Jesus is the Messiah! And you need to to hear this!

I’m Joel Fieri, Executive Producer of Christian Podcast Central. And this is “The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week”

John McArthurBen Shapiro is one of the most popular internet voices today, and very well could be the smartest guy on the web. If you don’t believe me check out his show on the Daily Wire or catch a video of one of his college lectures on You Tube. He’s brilliant! On his Sunday Conversation a while back he had Pastor John MacArthur as his guest, and they were discussing the differences between Judaism, Shapiro’s very orthodox faith, and Christianity. The whole conversation was fascinating and up-lifting, but the highlight was when Shapiro asked McArthur directly what the difference between the two faiths were. After laying the groundwork by affirming his fidelity to the Old Testament, Pastor McArthur launched into a lesson on Isaiah chapter 53. There may be better presentations and explanations of the chapter on the suffering Messiah, but never one delivered on a better platform or to a better audience than Ben Shapiro and his listeners. Here it is;

Not only is this a great explanation of the great chapter Isaiah 53, but if you listen to the full exchange I think you’ll see the perfect model for at least a public Gospel presentation if not a personal one. If you watch the video you’ll see Ben Shapiro, again possibly the smartest guy around, completely engaged and almost speechless, which speaks volumes to the power of Scripture.

So thank you John McArthur. You’re respectful, engaging witness is the best thing I’ve heard heard this week, and the best thing you will too.

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