My Daily Walk – GOOD CITIZEN

My Daily Walk – GOOD CITIZEN October 22, 2019

My Daily Walk – Good Citizen

My Daily Walk is a podcast with a Holywood personality who records a podcast when he goes for a walk. Good Citizen, Anytime you add something to the beginning of that word, you’re basically destroying the meaning, or you’re removing the meaning of the word truth.

I lied. I led you all astray. Some of the things I said yesterday were not true. I offer my humble apologies. Good morning and welcome to my daily walk. The daily topical half hour podcast by some anonymous Hollywood guy as he walks and talks about just about anything and everything except for the things that he’s contractually prohibited from disclosing. This is my daily walk and I’m the walker and the talker.

So let’s see. Yesterday, I’m not talking about the topic. Yesterday’s topic was kind of meandering, kind of unfocused, I guess a little all over the place, but basically I was talking about where do ideas come from and how do words enter the common vernacular, how do words obtain meaning and ultimately enter the dictionary.

If this is your first time listening, I apologize for it. Kind of a rough start to this one. Yesterday when I was listing the topics for the week, I was listing them off the top of my head from memory because I had not glanced at my notes ahead of time. And when I got back and glanced at my notes, I realized I led you all astray, that the topics were for the following week, not for this week but the following week. I didn’t … I couldn’t remember all of them, but the ones I listed were, let’s see, blood lust, 100 billion nuclear bombs, and seven projects, seven projects that I’m working on.

So those are listed as topics for the following week, not this week. But hey, it’s up to me. This whole thing is up to me, the programming, so I could shift them all to this week, but I’m not going to. But I will take one of them, seven projects.

So I’m going to swap out the topic that I had for this Friday. And that’s one I couldn’t remember yesterday what this Friday’s topic was. But I would’ve been wrong anyway probably. I will swap out the seven projects. This Friday I’ll talk about seven projects that I’m working on that should usually fill up half an hour, maybe no. Maybe I’ll have to do it in two parts and make it a Saturday special or whatever.

Oh, which reminds me, since this is the second week, I neglected to mention, I believe I neglected to mention that there was a Saturday special segment. I’m only doing a daily walk, recording my daily walk Monday through Friday, but I will have some kind of bonus material on Saturdays. This past Saturday’s bonus episode was actually the test walk, the first time I did my walk and recorded as a test. I did it a half an hour. I don’t think I had a topic, well multiple topics, but I hadn’t designated a topic other than testing one, two, three. This is a test.

All right. So this week’s topics, today’s topic I kind of didn’t like the initial idea. We’ll get to that in a second. But tomorrow will be happy accidents. Thursday will be the Hollywood guy. I use that in my intro as really the only self-identifying detail. I’m a Hollywood guy. I will dig into what that actually means. In general there’s misperceptions. Some perceptions are accurate. Anyway, we’ll just talk about it from my point of view, the Hollywood guy, and appropriately following that on Friday. We’ll talk about seven projects that I’m working on, seven projects that are mine that I’m trying to get off the ground or that are at different stages of production, development, et cetera.

Okay. I didn’t get out as early as I normally do and so there’s lots of people walking the dogs right now. I’ll try to avoid them and not be distracted. All right. So putting the qualifier at the beginning, good citizen. I thought, “Well, it sounds rather redundant to me.” I mean, citizen itself to me instills all kinds of thoughts of goodness. If you are a citizen, that is a good thing. I even looked it up in the dictionary. Let’s see if I can just read it right here.

All right. Citizen, a native or naturalized member of a state or a nation who owes allegiance to its government as and is entitled to its protection. Definition two, an inhabitant of the city or town. The word citizen and citizenship, to belong to something larger than yourself. That in itself is a good thing, belonging. And then we’re just designed that way, whether it’s a family or a neighborhood or town or a country. So citizenship just is good in and of itself.GOOD CITIZEN

So to say a good citizen, initially as I thought about it, seemed redundant. What’s a bad citizen? A person who, I don’t know. I don’t know what a bad … I mean I do know what a bad citizen means, but … And you can see why I kind of abandoned this topic. I’m like, “Oh, that’s not as profound as I was thinking it might be.” But in meditating on what I would talk about today, maybe as making today more of a hodgepodge, I thought a few other topics. And this may be controversial. I guess this whole podcast is controversial in one way or another.

Well, the good news is this podcast, especially at this point, will only have a few listeners. I mean I’ll keep the archive up for anybody to listen to it at any point in time. And if people want to binge listen, then I suppose if that’s the case, some of you that I’m talking to right now are binge listening, going back over some of the older files from my daily walk and then here you go. So good news I guess is at this point having zero listenership, minimal listenership to start. Maybe I can venture into some controversial, head straight into some controversial topics.

Well, this may not be controversy at all. It’s just I have a point of view. Boy, am I beating around the bush? I’m … If you’re still listening, here we go. The notion of my truth, “my truth” or “your truth”, the word truth, unlike the word citizen I guess in my previous example, the word truth requires no qualifiers. There’s no modifiers, no qualifiers. Truth is true always and irregardless of point of view. And that’s the notion of truth. That’s the point. Truth is truth regardless of point of view or circumstance or there is no changing it. There is no case where two plus three equals six. This is just … If you can refute me, fine. Email me at

All right, so truth, my truth. So anytime you add something to the beginning of that word, you’re basically destroying the meaning, or you’re removing the meaning of the word truth. Because there’s no such thing as my truth and your truth. We can all have our own experiences, our own opinions, our own direction in life, our own causes, our own … And maybe that’s what’s meant by it, my truth meaning just my point of view. But don’t use the word truth. Truth is not something that is subject to change by definition.

So I mean, and I’m not even talking about capital T versus lowercase t. It’s just the definition of the word truth does not require a modifier. So anytime a person says my truth, it’s like, “Well, what if my truth comes into conflict with your truth?” Then you say, “There’s no such thing as truth.” And that really is the point. There are those who argue against the notion of truth, that there is no such thing as truth. Everything is relative, which is that an assertion of truth? Are you saying there is no truth? Is that true? Could that be true? Are you certainly asserting it as if it were true. So that’s a self-refuting statement. There’s no such thing as truth.

I can’t even listen to the statement if it’s true. And so you see, the problem is that truth is self-evident. No matter what we think, no matter how uncomfortable we may be with some truths, it doesn’t negate. Like choosing not to believe in something doesn’t make it untrue. And that leads me directly to the other phrase that has entered the common vernacular, especially as of late. And I’m not alone in this, but dang, I’m stepping in it right now if I …

All right, there’s this … Gosh, do I say it? Here’s the problem I have right now with even uttering, I feel like I stepped in it or crossed the line even by talking about my truth because that’s pushed by some very influential people. There’s this great idea, this great concept, but it’s nonsense. I’m sorry.

So this other one, I am not interested in attacking or cutting anyone down. I’m not interested in getting into fights. Now arguments, that’s a different. A fight and an argument can be conflated. I mean the word argue, everybody thinks that’s a bad thing. Well, arguments are what we … It’s how we reason. We argue with ourselves. We reason things out. You have to look at different arguments to decide which one is true and which one is accurate. If you only listen to one side, then you’re blind, or you are being led … You’re the blind leading the blind. If you only listen to one point of view.

Well, if you stumble upon the correct point of view, then good, good on you. That’s wonderful. But that’s not as common as you might think. There’s plenty of people adamantly pushing points of view and shutting down every other point of view and appealing to emotion rather than reason, reason to argumentation.

I’m not interested in fighting with anyone. I’ll debate and argue. I’m not necessarily the most skilled debater. I’ve done it some. I am confident in my point of view. I know I am wrong about any number of things. And that is the point of argumentation, is if you’re going to assert something, if you’re going to make an assertion, and you don’t know how to support it, you’re in trouble. If you make a statement, and then somebody makes a counterstatement, and if you don’t have supports for your premise, then why make the statement? It’s better be equipped ahead of time. Don’t go into battle unprepared.

So what was I going to say? So before I … I’ll delay. I’m going to delay and delay and Hammond hall, and I don’t know if I want to say this phrase or not because it’ll … there’ll be those who will pigeonhole me, they’ll categorize me, they’ll judge me. They will exhibit prejudice and discrimination against me for merely stating something that they disagree with. But I contend that the statement I am going to make is rational and even irrefutable.

So how many minutes am I going to have to? All right, less than 10 minutes. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Gosh, it’s such a hot button. Hot button thing. Hot button issue.

All right, here we go. Well, let me just start with one word. Justice. Justice, right up there with truth is a virtuous justice. We all require justice. I mean that’s the point of life. Human beings need to be treated with equity and fairness. That’s just. There’s plenty of corruption. There’s plenty of evil, abuses, wrong motivations that drive people where justice is absolute in and of itself.

So like truth, when you add a modifier, my truth, it essentially voids the concept of truth. If you add a modifier to truth, you are voiding what the truth is. Truth is pure in and of itself. It’s an absolute. Same with justice. If you add a modifier to that, it is no longer justice. If you think about it. What could you possibly do in addition to justice that is greater than justice or more than justice?

I mean justice is justice. How is there any modifier that is even worth considering? Because if you … Like my truth. If there was an individual who thinks their truth is superior to anyone else’s truth, it just, it falls apart. It’s impossible to build a society or build even a relationship based upon that. Essentially we need to agree upon truth, but our agreement doesn’t make truth true. Truth is true regardless of our disposition towards it.

And the same with justice. Right and wrong, there is not … There is no … There are absolutes. There are things that are absolutely right and absolutely wrong. I’m not claiming to know all of the absolute rights and wrongs, but we all live our life as if there are absolutes when we all see some kind of action or behavior that is unjust, clearly unjust, we all have the same reaction. We’re all indignant. We’re all moved, sometimes moved to action and certainly moved emotionally when we see an injustice.

So this concept of modifying, you’ll see that I have not used the modifier that is being used, and if you’re paying attention, if you’ve kept up with this 25, 24 and a half minutes in to this episode, this meandering topic list topical podcast installment, you probably know the modifier that I am avoiding, the modifier to the word justice. There is no such thing as justice if you have to add a modifier to it.

So for the next five minutes maybe I’ll sing a song. No, I … Today’s a little different. Because I’m speaking extemporaneously and I’m picking topics in advance and not doing a lot of prep, today may be an example of where I need to do a little more prep.

One of the thoughts I was having earlier today is perhaps I will do a, like even though it will be topical in this podcast and perhaps I will do categories, say every Friday is a special and every Thursday is this category and every Wednesday is … Something like that. As this thing fleshes out, and it becomes interesting to anyone at any time, I think structure will help. Again, I’m doing this for myself, for my mother, and for the documentation of in particular one of the projects I’m working on. I am …

This is like my journal entry sort of. I do keep a journal. I know I’ve mentioned that before, but I’m … This is my public journal. And maybe someday my private journal will become public. But if that ever happens, a lot of things will have to go a very certain way. But if they do, you, the listener of this podcast will have been in on it from very early, not the start. I mean, I’ve been working on this project for a little while now, but this is …

You watch the behind the scenes of TV shows and movies you like to see. Some people are so in love with a project, the program, a show, or an actor, or a famous person that they consume anything they can get their hands on. And behind the scenes is one of those things, Oh, it’s like what really happened? Or what did they go through? Oh, that’s interesting that that happened. I remember that TV show and that scene, and, “Oh, I didn’t know that this was going on behind the scenes,”.

This is more like, this is a behind the scenes of the development, probably the most boring part if, unless the thing I’m working on turns into something spectacularly successful and interesting. This will only be interesting in proportion to that. However successful this project or any project that I work on becomes, this podcast here will be tied to that. It’ll be …

And probably the reason I want be anonymous is anybody who enters the public eye, that’s a target on their back. And so I’m fine if it’s just my mom. Hi mom. I’m fine if it’s just my mom listening to this for the first month, two months, six months. I don’t care. I’m just going to do it. I’m going to talk. I’m going to document what I think about a lot of things so that’s out there. And if ever the things that I work on do become important to a large cross section of people, then here you go. You’ve got some binge watching and binge listening to do. So that’s it for today.

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