My Daily Walk – Test Walk

My Daily Walk – Test Walk October 19, 2019

My Daily Walk – Test Walk

My Daily Walk is a podcast with a Holywood personality who records a podcast when he goes for a walk. Test Walk, daily walk with one topic, I’ll have a topic, and this is as if I’d just picked this topic. It’s about is it possible to know everyone’s, you know, world view.

All right. This is a test. I’m going to carry it at my side. All right. This is a test for my daily walk. I’m not walking at the moment, but I’m at a quiet, relatively quiet starting location. I’m just going to talk like this as I walk, pretending I’m on the phone and we’ll see how this goes.

My daily walk is just my thoughts on my daily walk, and one of my thoughts is about that sound design guy.

In this test walk, I’ll go back, I’ll listen back. I’ll see how much of this is even audible, what level I need to talk at and when I need to stop talking and allow sounds to kind of just like, hold for plane like every film crew on the planet has heard that one, hold, you know, the plane or won’t fly around your shoot location, okay. Directors and producers are used to calling the shots, being the boss, except for those pesky airplanes. This pesky airplane won’t listen to me. “Quiet down. Quiet on the set.” And the cars going by.Test Walk

So, the aim of my daily walk is, I’ll have a topic. I’ll try to do it around the same time. It won’t be the same location. I’ll be walking different places. Also, not disclosing personal information, because all that stuff is irrelevant. We all have these specifying details about us, but they aren’t really us, they’re just how we’re identified by others. But the fact is, we have so much more in common than those minuscule differentiations, right? They’re just different levels of importance, right?

There’s a more intelligent way to say… trying to talk to people at their level is a talent and a skill we’re all trying to develop. We’re trying to talk to people where they’re at. That should be easy.

All right. This guy gets honest when he talks, when he walks and talks, oh my goodness, this is a great spot. I think this makes sense, but, I don’t need to point them out to you. You can hear every one of them. It’s almost as if I’m hearing them… well, I am hearing these sounds, these particular ones for the first time, but hearing them now that I’m focused on just audio messaging.

Yeah, listen to words. Strung out in a particular sequence. These are the words that may change the world, right? Words shape the world because you perceive the world through meaning, containers of meaning. What does that mean? You put them in a certain order, your eyes see things differently, and the world takes shape for you. And it’s not that the world is changing, per se, it’s that you are seeing it correctly for the first time.

Like existence, what does it mean? And that’s my daily walk. Contemplating the meaning of existence, sorry, it’s so esoteric, I guess. Contemplating the meaning of existence on my daily walk, but that’s it boiled down, and it’s from world views. Like, there are different world views that look at the world, and that’s what I like to think about and talk about. You know, we all have one, literally, that is a unifying factor, right? We all have an opinion about what the hell is going on with existence.

This is the very truth… I mean, is there… there’s a logical conclusion we all know, but nobody talks about it, we all ignore it. We all know, and it’s logical, inarguable logic, I guess. See, oh, is that even a possible phrase? Inarguable logic.

Okay, that’s kind of the way this conversation will go. I want people to email and respond to anything I say, and say, “Huh, I was with you. I understood and I had this thought. You’ll share your thought with me and this will be a conversation because I’ll read your emails. I’ll read emails and on my walk, I think with this recording app I can have a different app open and read. That would be cool.

I think this app is designed that way, maybe. I read a review or two that they said it would continue recording when the screen went black, and boom, I fixed that before and the screen is black this thing needs to continue functioning. But it also means another screen can be on the surface and respond to tactile interaction. I don’t know how this program really works, how the design the interface when you communicate, when you’re looking out at the world, what you’re listening to right now, what you’re… the device.

Literally, you are attached to hearing words, connected to those words, that’s how communication goes. Period. Communicate with anybody at any time, literally we’re in a conversation. A form of dialogue. Used to write letters back and forth, used to write letters back and forth and have conversations. That’s what a letter is, a conversation.

People used to write letters back and forth. And they felt like they were having a relationship with somebody. They knew that person, because of the words in print forever. These are the things from his heart, this is what he’s going through at this moment. He’s so certain of it, he’s putting it in ink for everyone to know forever, whoever reads that.

All right, so your words become you to everyone else. We know we exist. Each one of us know we exist, but most of the world does not know you exist because we don’t know the names of… we don’t have a capacity. I don’t know, maybe we do have the capacity to just store every human name. Would it be possible for every human to know every other human at some point?

Wow, there’s world views that say that’s possible. And that’s what my daily walk is all about. Heck, I might just use this part of my walk in this place. I’ll just stay in one place, or I’ll try different places when I walk, contemplate.

So there is a world view, that’s part of what I want to explain, getting back to that. Getting on a daily walk with one topic, I’ll have a topic, and this is as if I’d just picked this topic. It’s about is it possible to know everyone’s, you know, world view. How it would be possible for everyone to know everyone else. There is a world view, and a lot of people hold it. I think more people hold it than we think.

Yeah, this is a tease for next week. I don’t know, this might be a Saturday special because this is just a test. This is a test, and it’s the best place for sound, so you are going to be communicating on the device. This will have to be a part of the intro. Every intro, I’m just going in all different directions, but that’s the nature of the beast here.

That’s why I am going to need people to email me. That’s my only call for any kind of interaction, or I’m not… I mean, you can promote it if you think it’s interesting, but I’m not going to be pushing for shares or subscriptions. It’s just like, if you think it’s interesting you can share it with somebody. I don’t need to beg you. I’m just going to do it and have a few people reach out, like I say, people, a voice, advertisers, influencers or whatever they’re called these days. People who could buy in, who get it, who want to spread it. You can just spread it.

Now where were we? Esotericism, is it esoteric, see, to behave in this way? To contemplate these things? To listen to podcasts? To listen to what this guy is saying? I’ll look that word up, or maybe somebody just email me the definition and we’ll continue the conversation. I’ll read the email, we’ll launch from there, right? Esoteric.

So, in order to communicate effectively or interestingly, intellectually requires a vocabulary. What is a vocabulary? It’s words. Words, words, words. So we’re talking about meaning, meaning, meaning. Communication. I mean, there’s so many different topics, you guys can suggest topics. I mean, I have a list of currently nine topics already for nine days of daily walk. We’ll just start with the topic. I have an intro. “Hello, welcome to… here’s our email address.”

Okay, so this street, gosh, how much do I disclose on this Saturday episode? My daily walk, I mean, it’s as literal as it can be, but it’s also a significant and spiritual talk about certain things, you know? I mean, we all, the majority humans acknowledge a spiritual side, whatever it means, right? And this is all of that as well. It’s not just my body, you know, moving in direction.

I mean, literally all of this could be sound designed in a studio. It could be a script. Let’s just write the most crazy thing, make it all up, right? It’s a possibility, you know, not to the inherent paranoia or whatever we all, like… They’re out to get us, you know? But no, it’s not that, it’s actual. And with technology I can post it and just do it each day, and everybody will believe it because it’s believable and it’s true.

Probably around all of us. You live pretty close, you find a place to walk. Okay, so there’s another thing is when I’m walking past a place that might have music playing or a car or something, it’s copyright, so I need to talk, probably need to fill the space, fill that air.

This might be interesting to some people, I don’t know if you can even hear or decipher any of it. I hope it’s not all blown out. I hope it’s all listenable. Okay, oh I’m going to make it. I’m not going to have to run. And I am… oh, I may have a full minute. I know that’s a quite place so I’m going that way. Going that way.

All right, whoo, to close this out, the last minute of day six special episode. The test, I hope, went well. I hope it all… I mean, should I even listen back? Yeah, I have to listen back, that’s the time consuming thing. I actually need to hire somebody, if I could. Let’s see, a guy I can ask. Just to edit, these, you know, they’ll just have to be posted. They’ll have to be sent, named or labeled, filed, and uploaded and distributed or whatever. Send a link to somebody. Send a link to somebody, and that’s the trick right there.

Who’s going to look at this link and who’s going to forward this link? So, just send it to people. you already have people you know that will love it, but who else will?

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