Life Grounded: Introduction to Life Grounded

Life Grounded: Introduction to Life Grounded October 26, 2020

An Introduction to Life Grounded

  1. Intro – Leslie Salazar-Carrillo
    • Who I am – CEO of Pathway Health Clinic – A life affirming pregnancy medical clinic located in Southern California.
    • What draws me to this movement/mission.
      • Came from a place of brokenness.
        • Have a heart for the hurting and alone.
  1. Meaning of Life Grounded
    • 9 years in the pro-life movement at ground level.
    • Have sat knee to knee with women facing an unexpected pregnancy.
      • Seeing the anguish on their face and listening to their circumstances
      • Her life is not always what we think
  1. What is this podcast going to be about?
    • History of abortion in America – how it was viewed.
    • History of Roe v. Wade – Mike Slater (find him on The First TV) taught me information I didn’t know.
      • How Roe actually came about
      • Who was involved, what were their motives
    • If Roe is overturned, what does that look like at the state level.
  1. What is the justice side of this movement and what is the mercy side?
    • What are their roles
  1. What is HER story.
    • A look into the woman who is considering abortion
      • Why adoption isn’t a simple solution
      • What are her external pressures and influences
  1. Finally, I’m going to talk about what WE ARE FOR, as opposed to what we are against.
    • It is a given that I don’t think abortion helps anything – please don’t send me hate mail that you think I am for abortion.
    • But let’s have an honest discussion about the things that we are for.
    • Hopefully through all of this, you will gain knowledge when having discussions with people who disagree with you.
    • How to have a discussion that isn’t based on arguing and rhetoric but based on facts.
    • If you are listening and you are okay with abortion and feel that it needs to be available on demand, perhaps you’ll walk away with a different perspective. At the very least have a deeper understanding of the beginning of legalized abortion at the federal level and where we are now, and how it has affected every aspect of how we value human life.
    • Maybe, if you are pro-life, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of her complex issue.
  1. I hope you will tune in and have an open heart and open mind to this very complex issue.

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