About Eating Peaches

June 30, 2018

Welcome to Eating Peaches,

I am Marina (Olson) Brungardt, and I have an M.A. in theology from Ave Maria University and am working on a Ph.D. in Politics from Hillsdale College. My academic interests focus on questions of community, the common good, sexual morality, ethics, education, Incarnational theology, poetics, Trinitarian theology, and  aesthetics, but other topics manage to catch my attention from time to time. This blog also hosts the current Saint of the Day series, to help us all get to know the members of Christ’s Body better.

When not blogging, I am also a high school teacher, a doctoral student, a wife, and a (soon-to-be) mother. My husband, John Brungardt, is doing a post-doc in Santiago, Chile, where we currently live, researching topics including cosmology, Aristotelian and Thomistic philosophy, physics, and other things involving a lot of math. If that interests you, check out his work here!

This blog, besides containing on-going series like the Saint of the Day series, also consists of reflections on theological, literary, philosophic, and cultural topics. It’s somewhat eclectic, but I suppose my theory of writing is somewhat like my theory of reading: why pigeon-hole yourself when you can explore the whole map?

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Marina S. (Olson) Brungardt