About Me: I Knew Who I Was When I Got Up This Morning

A Catholic blog exploring questions and discussions of theological, philosophical, literary, pop and high-culture, and other human topics. Daring to hope all the while that it will have been worth it after all.

My student loan officer assures me I did in fact graduate from Thomas Aquinas College with a BA in Liberal Arts, Ave Maria University with an MA in Theology, and Fresno Pacific University with a Single Subject Teaching Credential.

As who I am, well I’m mostly hoping to be more than the parts that form me. Basically just a human being being human, if you know what I mean. Or well, being human but living for that whole end that exceeds my nature because of the awesome fact that Jesus loves me, which is pretty ridiculously incredible.

I’ve written for some other places like The American Conservative, Ethika Politika, Acculturated, Verily, The Knights of Columbus, to name a few. Now I’m here with Patheos Catholic, which is pretty sweet.

Check me out on Facebook and follow me on Twitter as @ImEatingPeaches. You can also go old school and email me with requests, questions, hopes, dreams, wishes, childhood fears at eatingpeaches.blog@gmail.com.