He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last

He Laughs Best Who Laughs Last October 12, 2012

Last night Joe Biden laughed about havoc and chuckled his way through talk of war. If there is an old drinking game tradition during political debates, his performance last night was a cautionary tale that playing the game during your own debate is unwise. He grinned, guffawed, and then grumped as the evening stretched on.

The Vice-Presidency cannot be demeaned of course: a job once described as not worth a bucket of warm “stuff” (in Biden’s terminology) has low requirements. Biden lived up to the day-to-day demands of having a heart beat in case the real leader doesn’t.

Poor Paul Ryan was left to ponder the transit glory of mortal man. “There,” he must have thought, “are the ruins of a once great bloviater. Is this all plagiarism and puffery promises?”

But the debate ended on a serious note as the Vice-President, content to attack foreign nationals with drones, refused to impose his morality on others when it comes to protecting unborn children. He believes they are human, he believes they are alive, and he is opposed to it himself . . . but though he will force American pacifists to pay for war, he will not make abortion illegal.


Mr. Biden does not feel compelled to answer. Apparently, he thinks that the problem is that this is a “religious belief” on his part and he cannot impose his religion on others. It would be interesting to see how Mr. Biden would respond to the Declaration of Independence. Was the Continental Congress wrong to base their arguments on Nature and Nature’s God?

Should we apologize to the British for imposing our religious ideas on their Empire?

When Lincoln wrote his Second Inaugural Address and talked about the actions of divine Providence was he imposing his religion on the nation improperly? Does Mr. Biden sing the “Battle Hymn” at political events? Or is it improper to say: “As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free”? Was Dr. Martin Luther King imposing his religious ideas when he changed the hearts of my grandparents by using religious arguments?

Theodore Roosevelt “stood at Armageddon” and battled for the Lord. Franklin Roosevelt rallied us to World War II using Christian themes and arguments.

Mr. Biden stood in Appalachia and chortled for secularism. . . but oddly only when it fits the Democratic Party culture.

Mr. Biden will use a religious argument for social welfare programs, but he will not use it for the welfare of those aborted.

In short, Mr. Biden is an inconsistent opportunist who has adopted a position in order to curry favor or so shallow that he does not notice his contradiction. Charity for his immortal soul and the evidence of last nights performance suggests the latter.

The Lord sits in His Heaven and laughs Biden’s sophistry to scorn. We are told by men wiser than Mr. Biden or I that the He who laughs last, laughs best.

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