Romney Winning . . . but Obama not Done

Romney Winning . . . but Obama not Done October 17, 2012

The last debate was a draw, but because Living Obama replaced Zombie Obama, the President scored a tactical victory. He was aggressive and voters reward the aggressive candidate with victory, if he does not go too far.

Sadly for Obama a tactical victory will not be enough. The 47% that love him are encouraged, and that is better than the opposite, but nobody in his position in a Gallop poll in mid-October has ever won.

He always had a chance as an incumbent, but the economy always made him the underdog. Ignore pundits who will not admit this.

Also ignore pundits who act as if Mitt Romney is an extremist. Think about it: Mitt Romney the Extremist.

Just as Obama is not a communist, Mitt Romney is not a theocrat waiting to impose a Handmaiden’s tale on us.

Actually both President Obama and Mr. Romney came across as smart, intellectually nimble, and well prepared for office. In future years, the Republic will bemoan the decline in their present candidates from the era when President Obama debated soon to be President Romney.

They were both that good.

Mr. Obama was bound to get an assist from “neutral” voters in New York, a state he will carry by thirty points. He deflected his foreign policy problems well and had the stronger closing statement.

Sadly, Mr. Obama was “helped” in the short term by the moderator on a “fact check” and that drowned out his message. Candy Crowley admitted Romney was mostly right and then said she was right to agree with Obama.

The details of this discussion are eye glazing but not flattering to the President.

Mr. Romney, of course, made a mistake in going “small” on Libya (what Obama said in the Rose Garden) when he should have gone big.

Mr. Romney owned. President Obama on the economy. He argued for the President’s failures and presented an alternative. Viewers like what they saw there and fortunately for Mr. Romney, the economy is (as always) the main issue.

In short, Mr. Obama did not lose the election in the second debate . . . his first was so bad that he could have, but he is still losing.

Pundits who apply past “statistics” to give “certainty” of anyone winning are foolish. They are treating human things like “science.” Mr. Romney was, as the Obama team admitted early on, a formidable foe in a tough year for Democrats. The Obama administration hoped for Santorum or Gingrich . . . but they got Romney.

They are losing and they know it. Watch their ad buys. They are running out of geography.

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