Bright Week!

Bright Week! April 17, 2017

Jheronimus_Bosch_4_last_things_(Paradise)_optLent is over, as is Super Lent (what my kids, when they were kids, called Holy Week) and now we are commanded to Feast. If you do not wish to Feast, too bad. Most of us did not wish to fast, but we did.

Let’s party.

Never, ever, ever join a movement defined by opposition to something or someone. Instead, join a group that is life affirming, joy increasing, and full of light and glory. If the group has a homepage, take a look at it. Are they constantly nattering about sin and forgetting grace? After all, Christians are against sin, because it cuts us off from the Good God. We are not against sin for the sake of being against sin or we would have nothing to do in the City of God.  Do not join a negative community. Are they defined by their opposition to religion (some secularist sites)? Do not get sucked into the hate.

Let’s party.

In fact, the good news is that Christians do not mind if everyone joins our party. You don’t have to believe to eat our chocolate. We have it out for everyone today. You don’t have to agree with us for us to be happy you came to the feast. We appreciate the image of God in you, so you are welcome even when we do not agree.

In fact, we can argue hard and then party.

A good party has at least two characteristics and the good news is that both are freely available. Good parties tend to have good company and if God shows up, then you know the company will be good. Second, good parties most often allow liberty that would be inappropriate elsewhere. One should not wear a giraffe hat to work, but it can work at some parties. A man should generally not wear a tux or tails to work, but the right party can make it just right to dress nicely. We can eat party food that would be bad for us if eaten daily (looking at you, fried chicken wings) or drink that should be for special occasions (Talisker!).

Let’s party.

Finally, people need joy. As Charles Dickens pointed out splendidly in his book Hard Times, people cannot live by work alone. God Himself set the pattern for us when He rested on the Seventh Day of Creation and commanded a series of feasts for His Chosen People. God ordered people to buy gifts and eat foods they liked at those times. The world is messed up, but humankind does no good when it refuses to party. There are serious issues out there and most of our time must be taken up repairing the world we have messed up . . . or at least doing less harm! And it is that a good party does . . . some good and little harm. There are few things in life that work this way and so when we can party, perhaps we should!

Perhaps this can be put more liturgically:

Let us keep the feast.



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