A Socratic Welcome to Mark Driscoll

A Socratic Welcome to Mark Driscoll October 2, 2017

Evangelicalism is a big tent . . . Big enough to include me, thank God.

Evidently our little piece of the blog-o-sphere is getting a big name: Mark Driscoll. The Socratic based teacher in me rejoices! We will get to have many a discussion on topics of mutual interest as the tent gets even bigger.

Here are some topics I anticipate:

What is the nature of church discipline? When should a disgraced pastor return to ministry?

Is plagiarism wrong? 

What is the nature of misogyny? Is crude language a form of abuse? If so, when? 

Is extensive ghost writing compatible with Christian witness?

Is anger from a person in authority a “lesser” sin? 

I anticipate many an enjoyable debate . . . The give and play of ideas within the big tent of Evangelicalism.

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