The Spirit-Filled Life of Jesus: Humility (The Ghost of Mark Driscoll Speaks)

The Spirit-Filled Life of Jesus: Humility (The Ghost of Mark Driscoll Speaks) October 23, 2017


Jesus was humble so Christian leaders do not have to be. He took on the burden of true humility so we can humbly brag about our ministry size and feel better.

We don’t have to be womanish, weak, meek or mild, because all that was done for us. Just as we do not have to live in ancient Palestine, so we do not have to be humble, because Jesus was humble for us. We can build our brand, because He gave up His brand.


That’s not just a word you say when people accuse you of plagiarism, but is also a way of getting people to pay attention to the point you are making. People like Jesus so even if they do not like you very  much anymore, if you keep using his name, you can get you some sympathy.

Just do not sound like you are swearing.

Humility is important for women and workers, but it is an impediment to anyone who aspires to be The Leader. Isn’t it good that Jesus suffered with humility and took on humility for future Leaders so we do not have to do so?

Adam and Eve were humbled by sin, in part because they admitted their sin freely and quickly. This is a very bad idea, leading to the first sermon preached by God Himself. Instead, of copping a plea,  Adam and Eve should have left the garden on their own and not waited to come under authority. They sat around waiting for judgment and sure enough: judgment came.

It is not easy to run from judgement, see Jonah’s weak attempt, but a man has to try. Adam our first leader was weak, listened to his wife, and then stayed to take the medicine. Get to Tarshish if you can, but do not stay where you failed.

Jesus suffered through the valley of humility so we can bask in the Valley of the Sun.

All of this is quite uncomfortable, so let’s throw in some Christmas.

Jesus was born almost two thousand years ago* in the ancient equivalent of a barn to a poor, young virgin woman named Mary. Although He was God, Jesus’ first earthly throne was the feeding trough of an animal, which was used for His crib.

If you order now, we can get you a wonderful reproduction of this scene in time for Christmas. Order the large crèche so your neighbors can see your celebration in unparalleled humility.

Our culture, bad culture, believes that pride is our greatest friend and they are wrong. Pride is a friend, but not our greatest friend, that is ready money. Pride only works if we are “passive proud.” Brag and boast and you will get kicked out of churches just as Satan himself was kicked out of heaven. The passively proud ask for prayer against pride as they list the reasons (accomplishments) that might put them in danger of pride.

Foolish pride covets the success of others, but that is for losers. Winners get the success others have and take the very words they have written and put them to more effective use!

Our culture, tragically, uses Google and other tricksy ways to drag the winners down. Losers hate winners and that is the worst kind of pride: thinking that just because you had the idea means it is your idea. Share! Shouldn’t the one who can get it out there get the credit?

Talk about humility and people will think you are humble. 

Use the word humble many time: Jesus was humble. He had a humble job. He was humble about being humble.

See what I did there? That means you will associate the word humble with me! The key to humility is admiring it in others, especially Jesus, while avoiding it in your daily life.

Why must you avoid humility?

Recall that the humble seek the last place. Fine. But Jesus says the last shall be first! Wow! That means that if we seek the first place, then we will get the last place (metaphorically). The humble thing to do is to avoid being last, since that will make you “first.” Instead, be first and then humble brag about how that makes you last (but not yet!).

Other than Jesus, who is the most humble person you have every known? Why did you choose this person? How big a loser is he?


Thanks to Mark Driscoll for inspiring this parody post.

*Pastor Mark published a piece where “he” says Jesus was born almost two thousand years ago and I left this in the parody. Either Pastor Mark has made a big discovery (Jesus born in late first century!) or this was not written in 2017. Maybe a 1990’s sermon? Maybe?

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