Why does Beto hate the Nobel Prize Winner?

Why does Beto hate the Nobel Prize Winner? October 12, 2019

God bless historical Aksum, the Christian state of Ethiopia. God bless Prime Minister Ahmed of Ethiopia, however imperfect (as all leaders are), for getting the big issues right, an Evangelical in politics.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize for doing justice.

Evidently, Beto O’Rourke, floundering in the polls, has gone from moderate Democrat when he wanted to be senator of Texas to radical demagogue when he wants the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Beto now hates Evangelicals like Prime Minister Ahmed, but only if they live in Texas. In a mind not bound by ideas, such a transition is easy. Unconstrained by accomplishments, untrammeled by reflection, unbound by thoughts, Beto gives voice to his privilege to be born for such a time as this in his own mind.

If the Nobel Peace Prize winner this year, the Evangelical leader of Ethiopia, were an American, Beto would strip him of his liberty under God


Prime Minister Ahmed of Christian Ethiopia is, like most of the world, sane, sensible, sick of moral colonialism. He leads a nation having children above the replacement rate so must think about families as central to his future. As a result, he makes peace, does justice, imperfectly, and brings hope to the world. He looks at America and sees colonialism, political and moral. The left in America recognizes the first, the right in America the second. Proud, Christian Ethiopia sees both and says: “No.”

Long ago when Rome was on the ropes, Christian Africa, imperial black Africa, came to the defense of civilization. In my dad’s lifetime, when the West of the world was in the grip of fascism, Christian Ethiopia dared to be liberated. They asked for help, but when no help came, fought on against Mussolini and Hitler. Christian Ethiopia was our backstop before Britain listened to Churchill.

We need more Aksum, more Ethiopia, and less feckless Texans unmoored from history, ideas, and education. Yet, in fact, as always, Ethiopia endures and the colonizers fail. Christian Ethiopia is calm and carries on while non-governmental organizations from the “West” promote ideas hostile to her values. Why? If you have defeated Mussolini’s planes, you do not worry much about UN quid pro quo: abandon your values and we will send food.

Beto’s worldview, his friends, his cronies, his pals, have no room for Ethiopian values, Christian values. He will not say so directly because in most of the world, Beto’s libertine values are despised. Beto and all the beta-types will attack the future, the parts of the globe having children, because they prefer the favor of the rich and the powerful to the orthodox and the pious.

Doubt this?

Ask Beto to talk to Ethiopian American voters as he has been talking to Democratic primary voters. See him posture, fluff, pretend, and pose a. Beto loves Iceland values, but hates Nigerian values: one is inbred and tiny, the other growing and vital. Yet Beto sides with the past over the future, the aging over the growing.

American Christians will quibble, cavil, and compromise: Ahmed will lead, because he must. The future is African, the past is American, if America rejects African values.

God bless historic Ethiopia, Orthodox Ethiopia, led by an Evangelical unafraid of the sniffs, snubs, and snobbery of American elites, impotent and cut off from the future.

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